mine is peterick ;)

hey whats up mikeyway how u doin u noodle legged motherfucker?

um hi patrick

ya so i heard ur with pete?? whats that abt huh u kno petes mine u lil bitch

patrick dude chill. me and mikey arent a thing what r u doin

bullshit gerard and i are buds he tells me everything

gee wtf

i cna explain

srsly mikeyway stay after from my bf

dude patrick srsly stop mikey and i havent fucked in seven - ten. ten years

lol i knew it frank owes me ten bucks

dude gerard get off the phone also say sorry to mikey, patrick

im sorry mikey

it’s ok patrick

k but u guys what if we just had a threesome…you can fight over my hot bod in bed

pete what the fuck

frank come here this shit is gold also u owe me ten bucks

what the fuck

great things about G.I.N.A.S.F.S.
  • that intro guitar
  • Patrick’s voice is so good and pure omg
  • I LOVED everythingaboutyou that hurts so lemmeseeurmoves lemmeseeurmoooves
  • things aren’t the same aNYMOOoooORE
  • do-do da doo do do-do da do
  • catchy af, you’ll be humming it for days
  • I’ve already given up on myself twice third time is the charm WOW PETE ouch
  • could be about Mikey, could be about Patrick, who knows, but it’s definitely gay af
  • it’s just so much fun to sing
  • Born under a ba-ad syEEEEN yooou saved my life
  • badabada kisses I remember so wee-eee-eellll-llll
  • sounding out the title is fun
  • geenasfss
He’s got the best voice on the planet. He can finish my sentences. If I had a lifemate that was not going to be a girl or whatever, it’d be Patrick. He’s the person I’m most opposed to in as far as our tastes and everything, but there’s this one level that we meet on, some creative level, and it’s something I’ve never had with anybody else. We’re like The Lost Boys.
—  pete wentz, on his relationship with patrick stump, circa 2004

Sandman and Benzedrine had a fall out. No one knew what it was about. Sandman sent letters, after letters, and all Dr. Bez would do was read them and send them back. No one knew if they would’ve gotten better. No one knew.