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Dean finding about what really happen to Sam in "red meat" after hear the fucker telling his wife? before Sam call him to let him know he is alive.

*shyly shuffles to prompt writers* Excuse me? Is this a prompt?

I’m going to assume this is a prompt. I’ve never written a prompt before; I don’t really take them. [Then again nobody has send me a prompt before and for good reason] 

Anon, I did my best. I’m sorry, it’s not your prompt it’s me.  Hopefully there’s at least one sentence in here you like. 

“Hey, what happened back there?”

Sometimes Dean wonders if he ever truly left hell; maybe he’s still there on the racks and this is their new form of torture, making him think he left his baby brother dead on a cabin floor all by himself. It wouldn’t be the first time they tortured him with Sammy.

“Talk to me.”

Behind him he hears Michelle talking to Corbin. This can’t be hell; he never had company in hell. 

“I saved us. Look, you’re hurt bad and… and I love you, Michelle. I can’t lose you. I did what I had to do.”

“I did what I had to do.” 

“I did what I had to do.”

“I did what I had to do.”

The words seem to echo in Dean’s ears. Next thing he knows he has Corbin pinned against a tree by his throat. Behind him he hears Michelle scream. 

“What do you mean you did what you had to do?”

Height Headcanons Because Why Not

- Stan is 5'9" because he’s so fucking average man but he’s great I love my vegetatrien, animal rights activist.
- Kyle is like 6'5" and is clumsy as fuck, but us also the star of the basketball team.
- Kenny is 5'3" because he grew up malnourished but he’ll beat your ass if you mess with him
- Cartman is like 5'6"-ish and will probably punch you if you call him short
- Craig is definitely 6'4" and hates Kyle for being an inch taller then him because he’s a competitive asshole
- Tweek is like 6’ and is just a tall intimidating boy who wants a hug
- Clyde’s 5'10" and loves to tease Stan about being an inch taller
- Token is 6'3" and plays basketball with Kyle.
- Bebe is a 5'9" goddess who loves to wear heals that add an extra 2-3 inches to her height
- Wendy is 5'6" and uses Kenny as an arm rest constantly, but he’s cool with it
- Red’s 6'2", wears combat boots, and plays on the football team
- Nichole’s 5'8" and is an amazingly talented ballerina​.
-Annie is 5'4 and always has paint stained jeans
- Heidi is 5'6" and is taking 4 AP classes on top of her taking online college courses

If you have more and want to add them go for it

HEADCANONS about Tarre Vizsla, my favorite nerdy Mand’alor edge lord

For Reasons™, Tarre Vizsla is unequivocally black/asian, with … I want to say 3c hair? possibly part Mirialan tho he’s not really green so much as some manner of mixed appearance w/ dark skin

an epic’s worth of tattoos. listen. listen to me. so many tattoos. several epics worth. he’s had a complicated life.

the story of his life, all of his failures, all of his successes, all the powerful moments and important people, converted into art on his skin. Mandalorian Mirialans w/ their elaborate architecture of Force traditions expressed through body art, and Tarre continued in keeping with the tradition.

Tarre Vizsla is Sabine Wren’s distant, distant, distant granddaddy on her mom’s side.

he’s so motivated by JUSTICE and seeking out and ensuring JUSTICE is had

he’s fought in the 1000 Years War, or at the very least was involved in the final Battle of Ruusan (which make up a good portion of his elaborate tattoos. I’d like to say half his chest-to-half-his-back along the left side)

he’s Soft™ when he doesn’t have to be Hard™, and he’s somehow learned how to maintain that balance when most find it impossibly difficult, or just outright impossible. 

his ability to be soft and kind and compassionate sometimes surprises many when they learn what his life was like leading up to the man he becomes

the Vizslas never held any love for anyone with any inkling of the Force, and they drove Tarre from the clan under threat of violence (and actual violence) when he showed even the slightest ability. He had kept it secret for most of his life, but an incident in early puberty spelled his downfall. he fled.

Though “too old” was a thing to the Jedi, the 1000 Years War drained so many resources, they could not say no to another recruit when they so desperately needed as many hands as they could find to fight the fight. and he performed far beyond expectations, even when other Jedi never could accept him fully (what with him being a mandalorian, and all the horrible reputation that comes with that word).

strong proponent of rebellion — of overthrowing the oppression of an unfair government body.

strong proponent of uniting Mandalore, of bringing the clans together under a common banner once more, instead of perpetually fighting one another for the scraps left to them after what the 1000 Years War left them — and after what the Republic did to them to keep mando’ade in that position.

but he’s also a strong proponent of self care and community service — and agriculture as rebellion. gardening. planting. sustaining one’s self and family, and community. (strongly, emphatically, anti-capitalist is what I’m leading up to here)

no one could say he was loved by politics or political powers, but the common person adored him. he was an icon of justice, one that was snuffed out too early for political gains and for his position in empowering mando’ade to rise up from the ashes of what they once were.

because he was both a Jedi and a Mandalorian, he was rejected by both worlds by those who say “you can only be one, not both.” even facing isolation and ostracized by what he couldn’t control, he still found support in the most unlikely places — and him and his saber became an icon, a hero, a Mand’alor worth following … up until he was Separated from his life, and his Symbol (the darksaber) was Removed by Force for “safe keeping” in the Jedi Temple.

no one wants to see mandalorians recognize their potential and shrug recognition of the Republic that failed to assist them as surely as it failed itself.

he had one daughter. he didn’t live to see her grow up.