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What We Learned about Wings of Fire in Tui’s live chat on the Forum
  • Pyrrhia is pronounced py-ree-uh
  • Qibli is pronounced Keeb-li and means “Storm of Sands”
  • From their hatching to Age 7 is when Dragons grow up
  • They get bigger as they get older
  • The oldest dragons are expected to be about 150
  • Scarlet has always been kinda evil, and has always been one of those dragons who wanted to get and keep the throne, but she doesn’t think she’s a bad guy
  • Glorybringer is currently the only canon ship
  • Kinkajou will probably not get her own book
  • The POVs in 6-10 are decided through who needs the most character development
  • Hybrids can have children
  • Moon is a young teenager when her story starts
  • Thorn and Blaze will appear again
  • Scavengers and Dragons don’t understand each other or know how sentient each other is, with the exceptions of Flower and Sunny
  • Flower’s real name is Rose
  • Peril’s brother was going to be named Ember, and another Dragon will probably be named that but will not be the twin brother
  • Ember (and probably Peril) was going to be part of the prophecy
  • The prophecy was originally featuring eight dragons, but due to the issue of having too many Dragons Tui cut out twin SkyWings and an IceWing
  • IceWings probably have British/Nordic accents and the RainWings probably have some kind of accent
  • The Dragons and Dragonbite Viper are probably the only Mythical Creatures in Pyrrhia
  • Animus magic can only be used to enchant objects, and other magic doesn’t exist
  • Dragons cannot get sunburned but they probably can make pancakes
  • When Tui has writer’s block she writes AUs or side-stories about the characters and I for one would like to read those
  • Tui would be a RainWing if she was a dragon
  • Qibli was originally based on Tui’s younger son, Elliot, but another dragon is coming who will act more like him


  • The Mad SandWing from the Winglet “Prisoners” will be important to the story
  • Foeslayer was not lying when she said she was in love with Prince Arctic
  • Darkstalker does not know Foeslayer is alive, and that’s part of his and the NightWings’ rivalry with the IceWings
  • There will probably be consequences to releasing Foeslayer
  • Hailstorm chose the Diamond Trial because he wanted his old life back, and that was the only way he could do it. It was also because his parents were expecting him to do so.
  • Pyrite was not in-canon based on a real dragon, and was only an enchantment
  • There will probably be more Glorybringer coming up
  • Tui was never sure which Queen she wanted to win, and only wanted them all to be bad choices. Eventually she realized that the choices were too horrible and she had to keep any of them from winning.
  • Book 8 (Escaping Peril) will talk more about Prince Arctic

Started Young

1. Wild Things - Alessia Cara ☽  2. The Strays - Sleeping With Sirens ☽  3. Daniel in the Den - Bastille ☽  4. The Nights - Avicii ☽  5. The Greatest - Sia ☽  6. Immortals - Fall Out Boy ☽  7. Heroes (We Could Be) - Alesso ☽  8. Spark - Fitz and the Tantrums ☽  9. Kids - One Republic ☽  10. Alleyways - The Neighbourhood ☽  11. Youth - Troye Sivan ☽  12. We Are the Kids - Walk The Moon ☽  13. Bow Down - Chvrches ☽  14. Take Cover - All Time Low ☽  15. Flashed Junk Mind - Milk Chance ☽  16. The Swarm - You Me At Six

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