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Hungry Eyes

[Summary]: There was no denying it; Scott had a massive crush on you. How he wished that he could tell you how he felt but it seemed to him as though you didn’t share those same feelings. But deep down, you secretly harbored those feelings because on the surface, you played it as Scott was “just a friend” material. But when Scott has his breaking point and becomes jealous of you going out on a date, a fire heats up between the two of you when you get back and feelings are confessed, leading to the most exhilarating night you’ve ever had.

[Pairing]: Scott x reader

[Warning]: SMUT, NSFW (18+ only), unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, people!), language, masturbation

[Word Count]: 2,831

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A/N: First gif was made by yours truly! Other gifs used are not mine. This is my first smut fic, so go easy on me… Used this song as inspiration [x] Feedback for this would be greatly appreciated! I would also like to thank Annie (aka @hellomissmabel the Ant-thony to my Scott) and Chels (aka @marvelous-fvcks) for beta-ing this for me. Love ya, sweeties!

As you trained in the gym alone, sweat dripping down your forehead and also soaking into the hem of your sweat pants, Scott stood at the door watching you while trying to build up the courage to go in and train with you. His nervousness around you made it only that much harder.

He had a massive crush on you ever since you joined the team two years ago and everyone knew it. You on the other hand, had only wanted to keep it professional between the two of you. It’s not that you didn’t like Scott, you sure as hell did. But you tried to convince yourself that Scott was not “boyfriend material”, even though there were certain things about his personality that you loved and admired.

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I’m going to post this early now since tomorrow I won’t have as much time, also I haven’t had time to do the count down but I thought why not do one, I had this planned for a while since the game came out, now I can show you guys. I can’t wait to play the game soon. Oh I kinda added a small headcannon of mine that the gauntlet lights and emits a sort of flame? Oh welp 


//got bored… so I edited these two. I was going to put texts but meh I felt that they were bad that I just stopped. :/ My photoshop skills are bad and I should feel bad xD I’m going to properly learn how to use it someday… hopefully.


Summer’s here! And oh, how easy it is to be unproductive! Here are some tips and things I’ve been doing this summer to keep my head in the game:

1. Give yourself 2 solid weeks to VEG OUT.

Getting it out of your system until you’re so relaxed and bored, that damn you’re just ITCHIN’ to be productive again. This is the break you’ve been deserving since Spring semester, make the most of it, eat pizza, binge shows, barely move all day if you wish, just get it out of your system!

2. Take a summer class.

Summer classes are a great way to speed up your graduation time. Even just take one, easy to get an A when it’s all you have to study for! Don’t need any summer classes to graduate on time? Dope! Take a fun one then! Take that sculpting class you’ve always wanted, or learn to Salsa, college has a lot of fun stuff too! We just can’t afford to focus on it during full semesters 😅 Also, many colleges offer summer waivers, so these classes/fun electives can totally be free, hit up your financial aid office.

3. Week Werk Werk Werk Werk Werk

Get a part time job! Summer work is a great way to get ahead for the coming semester, or pay off some credit card bills *ahem I struggle with this*. Don’t want a job to tie you down? Try something untraditional, like babysitting (Care.com), or an app based job like Uber/Lyft, Postmates, or what I’m doing currently; DoorDash!

4. Buff That Résumé

Daaaaaaayummm look at that CV! Summer is the perfect opportunity to get some experience in. An internship is the best way to do this, but if deadlines have already past, check out volunteermatch.org ! This website is amazing, and can find you reoccurring or one-time gigs in your city to help out at! From health based, environmental, animal, or women & children focused projects, this website is a great place to add some extra sparkles to your resume while having fun!

5. Study

EW right? But think about it, you come into class and nothing is traumatizing…. Nothing is overwhelming…. All you think is…. “Well, alright”
Amazing! Spend some days prepping for your Fall classes. Get in touch with people that have had your professor or taken the class you have and ask them for advice / their syllabus, you can even get your books early and get a head start on reading.

6. Reconnect with your passions

Usually when in school…. I forget I have a life. So I try and spend some of summer remembering the stuff I love! Haven’t picked up that clarinet since high school? Pick that shiz up! Used to write poetry? Get back at it! Always wanted to try some sport / go on that one hike out of town / start that household project you never had time for? NOW YOU HAVE THE TIME!

Hope these tips help keep away the instant gratification monkeys & lazy sloths.

Make summer your beach 👏🏼🏖

you were in and out of my life so quickly some days i have to convince myself that you are real. i never understood how people could love something that wasn’t yet theirs. i think back to department stores and endless hours of finding articles of clothing that i adored but yet when i tried them on they just weren’t the right fit. it’s taken me some time now but i understand. it’s not about claiming anyone or anything as “yours” whatsoever. it’s about appreciation. it’s like watching a sunset as it kisses the calm blue waves across the horizon and all you can do is stare, trying to figure out how to breathe properly again. you can’t collect the rays of sunlight up in a bag and protect them forever. as much as you want to. you can’t quite take a picture that can capture the pure stunning moment that is before you. sometimes, all you can do is take the moment for what it is. hope with all of your soul that you will see it again, but let it go on it’s way, and understand that it is all about timing. sunsets can’t be forced, no matter how much you yearn for that moment that left you breathless. keep breathing, my love. it is all about timing, you will find her again in due time.

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Holy shiz Max is sooo cute! How are you so talented at making sims?? Like all your sims are beautiful. Mine look like potatoes most of the time😂

I made Max like two years ago actually! And I honestly have no clue how or why he came out so good looking lol. I did change his features a tiny bit because my male aesthetic has changed a little since then. My male sims tend to all look alike so I can’t really help you there besides suggesting using the randomize tool to get unique features and going out of your comfort level/aesthetic! :D

Wicked songs: my summary

No One Mourns The Wicked- fuck yah party
Dear Old Shiz- the school motto
The Wizard and I- you go green girl
What is this Feeling?- fuck u. Fuck me?
Something Bad- goats can sing good
Dancing Through Life- dat ass
Popular- dat ass!
I’m Not That Girl- aww bb
One Short Day- fuck yah green shit
A Sentimental Man- cutie wizard
Defying Gravity- elphaba is a bad ass
Thank Goodness- that high note
Wonderful- bad wizard pretending to be a cutie
I’m Not That Girl (reprise)- aww other bb
As Long As Your Mine- ohh romantic
No Good Deed- u go Elphie
March of the Witch Hunters- chill
For Good- all the feels
Finale- still crying. Stop plz