mine is going to be the shiz

you were in and out of my life so quickly some days i have to convince myself that you are real. i never understood how people could love something that wasn’t yet theirs. i think back to department stores and endless hours of finding articles of clothing that i adored but yet when i tried them on they just weren’t the right fit. it’s taken me some time now but i understand. it’s not about claiming anyone or anything as “yours” whatsoever. it’s about appreciation. it’s like watching a sunset as it kisses the calm blue waves across the horizon and all you can do is stare, trying to figure out how to breathe properly again. you can’t collect the rays of sunlight up in a bag and protect them forever. as much as you want to. you can’t quite take a picture that can capture the pure stunning moment that is before you. sometimes, all you can do is take the moment for what it is. hope with all of your soul that you will see it again, but let it go on it’s way, and understand that it is all about timing. sunsets can’t be forced, no matter how much you yearn for that moment that left you breathless. keep breathing, my love. it is all about timing, you will find her again in due time.