mine is cute

ice witch self-care tips ❄️

- wearing shimmery white highlighters and glittery blue nail polish to truly feel like a snowflake

- entering a meditative state from watching the snow fall slowly from the skies

- wearing a furry white cape while doing rituals to feel extra-powerful

- finding inspiration in the snowy fields - they’re like an empty canvas, filled with endless possibilities

- carrying a sparkly quartz cluster (that looks peculiarly like glittery ice), holding onto it tightly when in need of a power boost

HE’S SO CUTE LOOK AT HIM! I’m so glad I joined the haikyuu!! fandom otherwise I would be missing out on all the best stuff! LIKE MY SON! :DDDDD

I’m going to take more pictures later one cause now I can include him with his Best Bro, Kuroo! And I am shouting and will be internally screaming all day about this!😃😃