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Sharp and Toews: Better Together

The almost-kiss that never was:

It’s pretty obvious that these two have an illicit love affair going - just look at their guilty faces, caught in the act.

Need more evidence? Here:

The “I love you so much you little shit” smiles:

That time Sharpy Cam was three parts close-ups of Tazer and one part bedroom wrestling with Seabs

More of Sharpy’s horribly obvious pigtail pulling:

Tazer showing his affection like the weirdo he is:

The “let me flop onto you I am so in love” moment:

That time he put on a helmet and decided to headbutt Sharpy because, why not?

Tazer’s weird love of messing with Sharpy’s jersey:

When Tazer was precious and clung on to Sharpy:

So… the conclusion?

Toews and Sharp: better together


GRIMM | 6.11

Adalind warns Diana before she woges.

Dad left him there for a lesson, ya know? Not because he wanted Dean to stay there forever or that he was careless but the kid had to learn. He couldn’t keep sneaking out at night, hanging out with those kids that were nothing but trouble, drinking and getting into trouble.

Usually Dad would bail him out, either that or wave around that fake badge that he had to get Dean out. He would scold Dean, get onto him for being stupid like that, that he wouldn’t always be there to bail Dean out when he got into trouble and Dean would apologize, keep his head ducked and say that he wouldn’t sneak out again. and John believed it right up until the moment that he got yet again another call late into the night from the sheriff saying that his son was in county lock up.

So John was going to leave him there for the night. Let him sleep on that hard cot, surrounded by the drunks and the homeless and let him learn his lesson. He had said that he wouldn’t always be there for him and it was about time that he start to realize that.

And he explained that to Sam. when Sam asked why he wasn’t going to get Dean, John explained that Dean was going to be spending the night there because he needed to learn, Sam starting crying.

John’s never been good at the touchy-feely crap. When Sam was a baby and he started crying, he tried to comfort the child, brush his hair back from his face, pat his back, anything to stop the crying. Dean would watch from the other side of the room, eyes narrowed as he watched Dad try to quiet down Sammy and after a while Dean would walk over and take the small child in his arms and Sam would almost immediately quiet down. John would ask what Dean did and Dean would just shrug because he didn’t really know and eventually Dean took over the job of quieting down Sam.

It hurt John. It hurt him a lot being that his oldest was the one that could calm down his baby brother and nothing that he did seemed to work but that’s just how it was. It was always Sam and Dean, them together forever.

But Sam started crying and John knew that it was because he wanted his brother but Dean needed to learn.

Sam blinked through teary eyes and nodded his head, saying that he understood why Dean needed to stay there but he didn’t stop crying.

Sam went to bed that night, with tears still in his eyes and he curled up underneath the blankets on Dean’s side of the bed, burying his head in Dean’s pillow and John watched as Sam’s small body shook with sobs.

When Sam had finally fallen into a restless sleep, John grabbed the keys to the Impala and drove down to county lock up, apologizing for his son.

“Don’t do this again to your brother.” John said simply as they got in the car.

And Dean looked at his father, eyes wide with guilt as he swallowed thickly and nodded and this time John believed him.

When they got back to the motel, the sound of the door opening pulled Sam from his sleep and he blinked through the darkness only to see the form of his big brother standing there in the doorway. He restrained himself from jumping up and wrapping his brother in a hug but the moment that Dad laid down and Dean slipped into bed, Sam wrapped his arms around Dean and held him as close as he possibly could, threatening to never let him go.

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Rainy’s Wind Charm Tutorial

By Rainy-Day-Witchcraft

Originally posted by words-warsandsymphonies

    In the lore and history of weather witchery, it was common of weather witches to create and sell knotted rope charms to sailors, as it was believed these charms would help enchant the wind in the ship’s favor. These charms were made by venturing to a high-windswept place, and tying certain sailers knots into rope to capture the wind while imbuing them with magick ~ sometimes multiple knots were tied, meant to contain winds of different strengths.

   While reading about these wind charms, I was inspired to write a more modern project tutorial on how to make such a charm, though mine will be a touch more decorated! These wind charms can be hung above a porch or in a window to encourage a wind to blow away storm clouds, to represent wind or air in a spell or ritual, to summon a wind (similar to wind whistling), and for any other wind-related uses you might find you need witchcraft-wise. 


  • Thick twine or medium rope of your choice
  • Dried lemongrass or anise
  • A branch or piece of alder, oak, or scotch broom
  • Beads, bells, small bottles, and decorative elements

 Capturing Wind

   The first step, of course, is to capture the wind using knot magick ~ The knotted rope will serve as the base of the wind charm. You can begin with a plain rope, or make it thicker or more decorative by braiding or macrame-ing multiple smaller ropes together beforehand. This first step is the longest in the tutorial, as it will take some time to find the right conditions. Traditionally, three single knots are made in a rope ~ But for this tutorial, we are going to be knotting the rope three times, each consisting of more smaller knots, to capture and represent different buildups of wind energy - If you wish, you can replace the knots with different sailors knots, if you know how to do so. Here’s how to do this:

  • Near the top of the rope (leaving a section of 5-7 inches for hanging, depending on the length you make it), you will knot it 3 times in the same place during a day or in a place where the wind is gentle, like a breeze. As you do this, recite:

Tied of three, knots capture this breeze

Contained by my hand and quelled upon these skies

The gentle air I seize - For my swift magickal disposition

  • A few inches below the previous knot, near the middle, you will be knotting it 5 times in the same place during a day or in a place where the wind is stronger; not a breeze, yet not a strong wind ~ somewhere in the middle. As you do this, recite:

Tied of five, knots gained of brisk wind

Direct and ardent as I exert its’ energy

With my intent and by my will - Magickally intertwined

  • Near the end of the rope, leaving a few inches hanging off the end, knot the last one 7 times at the same point during a day or in a place where the wind is strong and powerful, such as during a storm or on a high ground frequented by strong winds. As you do this, recite:

Tied of seven, knotted storms of the heavens

Vigorous and powerful,

Energy of formidable wind - Seals my magick of air

(Feel free to replace my chants with your own)

 Decorating and Imbuing 

Step 1. ⌇ Between the first and second knots, and between the second and third knots, we’ll be adding herbs associated specifically with wind magick to keep your charm charged and functional. 

In the first empty length of rope, tie a bundle of dried lemongrass or dried anise - both strongly tied to the element of air. Or instead (how I made mine), get a small-ish corked bottle, and add the herbs to the bottle in smaller pieces ~ Attach the bottle into the charm - which I especially enjoy the look of! 

In the second empty length of rope below the second knot and above the third, tie in a branch or chunk of alder wood, oak wood, or a bundle of scotch broom. Again, you can break the ingredient(s) into smaller pieces and instead put them into a bottle to attach to the charm if you wish. Both alder and oak were traditionally used in making flutes, whistles, and ‘bullroarers’ for whistling up winds, and scotch broom is used in weather brooms, spells, and charms to call up winds. (Tip: scotch broom is the most connected to weather witchery out of the three, so I suggest finding a place to buy or collect some specially for this charm)

Step 2. ⌇ Now that the magickal materials are on the charm, you can decorate it however you like ~ For mine, I attached colorful glass beads and tiny bells; Other items to use connected to wind and the air element include feathers, ribbons, the colors yellow and white, and bits of shining metal or glass, etc. If you worship a deity tied to the weather, skies, or winds, a figure or symbol of them may be added.

Step 3. ⌇ Once your charm is to your liking, hang it up on a porch or in a window or doorway. On days when you don’t wish to call or whistle the wind to you, remove the charm ~ You can hang it on a wall for decoration when not in use, or just put it in a bag or box until you need it again. 

Personal note: The day I finished making mine and went to hang it in the window, I looked out my bedroom window to see a small ‘tornado’ of dust (we get them commonly in the dry seasons out here) quickly form and dispel in the backyard area nearest me!

If you have any questions or comments, you’re welcome to message me. Thank you ♡


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only fools fall for you

Drarry Proposal Headcanon

i swear guys harry and draco’s proposal story would be the funniest but most adorable thing ever (and yeah it would’ve probably taken harry like 2 tries to get it right hahaha)

FIRST TRY: harry wouldve wanted to make it all elaborate and shit so he brings draco to france bc draco loves it there

and then they go to the eiffel tower, cliche but draco loves how romantic it is there (yes draco malfoy is a sentimental sap sue me)

while draco is busy admiring the view and stuff, harry is rehearsing his lines like “draco malfoy, for the past three years, you have not only managed to make my life more meaningful but you have also helped me become who i am today…”

when harry works up enough nerve, he gets down on one knee and hes about to make his heartfelt speech when draco gives him a fucking glare???

“for merlin’s sake, potter. tie your shoelaces faster, will you? whats got you thinking?”

harry opens his mouth to protest but realizes yeah his shoe laces are fucking untied wtf???

so anyway harry decides that maybe it isn’t time yet and he keeps the ring in his pocket for now

SECOND TRY: they’re lounging idly on the sofa, watching a disney movie on their tv but harry isn’t even watching the movie anymore

harry is studying draco’s face and he just has so much love for draco ok???? he notices every little detail, even the tiny freckles under draco’s eyes and the sharp gray color of his eyes and the fluttery blond eyelashes of his

so harry blurts out, “marry me.” and when draco doesn’t answer for a few seconds, harry thinks he’s fucked everything up

draco blinks quickly in shock and goes, “excuse me? i dont think i heard you right, potter—”

harry wants to take it back bc omg of course draco would say no stupid stupid so he says meekly, “i said carry me.”

and oh gosh harry’s heart breaks when draco’s face falls a little but harry knows draco is pretending not to feel sad

“you know perfectly well, potter that you are as heavy as a bloody elephant and even if i wanted to carry you, i would die under your weight.”

harry forces a laugh. “of course.”

“on the other hand,” draco continues softly, “if you had asked me to marry you… well, i would’ve been able to do that for sure.”

harry’s face lights up. “is that a yes?”

draco glares as if to say ‘are you stupid.’ “i could always take it back, potter.”

“NO! no! just no. i just—”

“you thought wrong. now propose like a proper man would and then kiss me.”