mine hs

i'd like you to close your eyes. you don’t trust me? oh that’s nice isn’t it? i’ve been coming to stockholm for seven years. first time i roll up on my own [imitating a fan] we don’t trust you! i cant wait to come back! close your eyes please. [jokingly yells] do it! i’d like you to join hands with the person next to you. i’ll give you two minutes to put your phones away. alright, everyone good? i’d like you to raise them up in the air. ok. you can put them down. now stick them back up in the air… you are joined hands. and i’d like you to know every single one of you here tonight–if you are black, if you are white, if you are gay, if you are straight, if you are transgender, whoever you are, whoever you wanna be– i support you and i love every single one of you.
homestuck gothic

you get a notification for an update. there is no update. the comic is gone

the epilogue is released. its a two hour loop of karkalicious

hiveswap is delayed to 2018. on new years eve, hussie personally comes to your house and smashes your computer

snapchat updates. terezi finds vriska in your room. she was in your room the whole time