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Unofficial ML Viewing Guide: Spoiler-Free Version

Because a lot of you guys have been asking for a spoiler-free version of this thing.

1. Climatika/Stormy Weather
2. Le Bulleur/The Bubbler
3. M. Pigeon/Mr. Pigeon
4. L'Imposteur/Copycat
5. Chronogirl/Timebreaker
6. Le Pharaon/The Pharaoh
7. Lady Wifi
8. Rogercop
9. Le Dessinateur/The Evillustrator
10. Horrificator
11. Le Dislocoeur/Dark Cupid
12. Le Chevalier Noir/Darkblade
13. Le Mime
14. Animan
15. La Marionnettiste/Puppeteer
16. Princesse Fragrance/Princess Fragrance
17. Le Gamer
18. Reflekta
19. Numeric/Pixelator
20. Guitar Vilain/Guitar Villain
21. Antibug
22. Kung Food
23. Jackady/Simon Says
24. Volpina
25. Ladybug et Chat Noir - Origins Part 1
26. Coeur de Pierre/Stone Heart - Origins Part 2

ADDENDUM: Please read this before you ask me to change the order.


king’s cage aesthetics │evangeline x elane

My lovely, invisible shadow.Her reports came later, under the cover of the night. They were very thorough. I feel them still, whispered against my skin with only the moon to listen. Elane Haven is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in any capacity, but she looks best in moonlight.

  • pokémon fans who haven't played magikarp jump: pidgeottos are ok
  • pokémon fans who have played magikarp jump: a pidgeOTTO STOLE AND MURDERED MY FIRSTBORN... my only child,, my sweet innocent baby..... pidgeottos have HEARTS OF STONE,, they set my house on fire..... they ripped out my still beating heart and made me eat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!