mine gtfo

finding out that Kai & Krystal are dating and what not and seeing people show them lots of love 

but then realising how different Taeyeon and Baekhyun were treated and that they had to cry and apologize 

the foxes as things i’ve said to my puppy

Allison: “don’t fucking touch me”

Renee: “we. are. friends.”

Matt: “why won’t you let me love you?”

Dan: “aw, you wanna go out? you- YOU LIED TO ME”

Andrew: “your ability to look cute is the only thing keeping you alive”

Aaron: “stop talking to me” 

Neil: *under attack of love and death simultaneously* “this, this is fine”

Kevin: “can’t even get the fucking ball, fucking worthless little-” or *clutching vodka* “this is not for you. this is mine. gtfo.”

Nicky: *crying* “you are the only thing good in this world”

Wymack: “i didn’t ask to have you, but we’re stuck with each other now”

Seth: “we’ve been seeing each other a lot lately and i think we need some time apart so i don’t stab you to death” 


Jean: “this is your side and this is mine and dON’T yOu fUCKing dARe-”

15//9 heard that i’m too pretentious on here. gonna try to keep it real, but not too negative! like….i took 2.5 hours to do my art homework, so that’s 2.5 hours wasted(hahahha no, i’m just keeping it real), but like honestly, the real me is positive and optimistic! so i am keeping it real! I am not pretentious i just like to make my audience feel happy and make them think positively! So yeah. Have a great day :)


Well, I’m Hunter. I just moved here. Maybe you’d be interested in hanging out with a new guy sometime?

MCU: Bucky and Steve are soulmates

MCU: …but in only a platonic brotherly way

MCU: Guess who’s gonna kiss in CACW

i live for sullen fics that are like:

everyone: “wtf cullen, when we put samson under your supervision, we didn’t mean to take him into your bed, he’s dangerous, not a pet”
cullen: “gtfo, he’s mine, he’s my responsibility, i know what i’m doing”
samson: “me. he’s doing me”