mine gatcha


Some of the Yuri!!! on Ice gatcha machine badges that I’ve acquired over the past few months!
The top, sparkly set are the only official ones to come from the Gatcha machines, the rest are all fan made!


I had the pleasure of meeting up with @iceprincenikiforov a couple of times this week in Tokyo and we had an absolute blast.
Very much a bad influence on my purse though, I’M BLAMING YOU FOR ALL MY YoI PURCHASES! :P

We hit the gatcha machines quite hard…
Her purse filled with badges is above and my collection is below (THAT IS HOW FUCKING MANY IT TOOK ME TO GET GOD DAMN YURI AND VICTOR!!!! 눈‸눈)
Dear oh dear.

We also went to King of System and got the Yuri!!! on Ice themed drinks~ and got free coasters!
Yuri’s drink is FAR too sweet! But it had stars in, just like what he is *fawns*
Victor’s is minty and refreshing, cool just like he is..
And Yurio’s is lemonade and Mango (with chunks of fresh mango).
Sweet and bubbly, just like he is ;P

Yurio’s was the best, then Victor’s and then Yuri’s (sob).