mine frasier


             the stars are out, nice breeze, night-blooming jasmine…
                               of course there’s the beautiful girl

                                                                if dancing at the starlight room was impossible
                                                                               we’d give you the real thing


niles crane + one scene per episode [106/264]:

Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name


Frasier Pairings: {Martin & Daphne}

 Daphne: You know it's funny when I think about the two of us.  I 
         mean, sure, we have our little fights, but for the most part 
         we get along so well together.  And when I think about how I 
         enjoy looking after you, and how you always seem to miss me 
         when I've been gone for too long, well it's sort of like 
         you're my...
 Martin: [smiling] What?
 Daphne: No, it might sound funny to say this...
 Martin: No, come on, that's all right, you can say it.
 Daphne: All right.  Well, it's sort of like you're my pet.
 Martin: What?!