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I HATE when people gripe about hospitals making a profit. I HATE when no one cares that medical school is a long, arduous, expensive process, that not everyone succeeds in on the first try.

Hell, a friend of mine is in nursing school a second time and was told by others that you’re not doing it right if you don’t fail the first time and question whether or not it’s worth it to go back.

The average cost JUST for medical school in the U.S., not including basic college education beforehand, is almost $300,000. And not every doctor out there had rich parents to pay their way. A lot of them had to take loans. And people think every doctor today didn’t have to EVER repeat courses due to failure? That’s another grand to 3 grand for each failed attempt y'know?

Then there’s the risk. Doctors and nurses and EMT’s don’t consistently get patients who are calm, just in pain and needing help, innocent types of people. They also get violent patients, patients with severe phobias that make them react violently, all on top of the stress of being lied to by their patients when it could cost their lives. The stress that someone’s life is in their hands and any mistake could be deemed their fault.

Then there’s the stress that they have no idea in an ER who is coming in with something contagious that could be lethal, and they still have to get blood, urine, feces, or whatever else gross that they need to take care of a total stranger. They are exposed to danger CONSTANTLY even in a calm little office.

And people want to argue they should get that for free??? They think doctors should get a minimum wage or just volunteer their educated, stressed out, and a lot of time suicidal from intensely emotionally fatigued minds?!


If a heart surgeon or brain surgeon is driving around in the most expensive car living in a big ass mansion because of all the money they make saving lives, GOOD. I’m sorry but doctors who already commit themselves to a career in HELL do not OWE you just because you are breathing.

Stop this bullshit about free healthcare. I don’t want to see the enslavement of medical workers happen here

okay but imagine harry making a group chat for his friends from hogwarts just because and draco is there too but he literally never talks because he’s all like “that’s a muggle thing phew” but really he didn’t know how to use that

AND the first time that draco actually talks in the group chat is to send a video of harry who stubbed his toe on a table and is lying on the floor curled up into a ball screaming “I DIDN’T KILL VOLDEMORT FOR THIS

and then the camera switches to draco’s bored face and with the most monotone voice ever he says “the boy who lived twice” and he’s holding a clock that shows 4:27am


Steve + seeing Diana for the first time

💛 I love that Rin, who felt so unsure of herself as a school idol, ended up inspiring Hanamaru to become one!  Girls inspiring girls is one of my favorite aspects of Love Live!! 💛


Oh, you’re Mr. Live-it-up. Mulder, you really are Mr. Squeeze-every-last-drop-out-of-this-sweet-life, aren’t you? On this precious Saturday you’ve got us grabbing life by the testies stealing reference books from the FBI library in order to go through New Mexico newspaper obituaries for the years 1940 to 1949 and for what joyful purpose?


au | during a rough landing, Superman accidentally hits Stiles’ jeep and Stiles fangirls a little too much.

Holy shit Scott, I just met Superman. THE SUPERMAN, are you listening to me??
HE EVEN OFFERED TO PAY FOR THE JEEP’S DAMAGES, oh my GOD I think I’m a little in love right now.

Working through college had never been Bitty’s ideal situation, but it was the price he had to pay for choosing an out-of-state school, he supposed. Thankfully, between Samwell’s generous grants and his work-study allowance, he could scrape by at the pricey university without too much help from his parents. Even more thankfully, he’d managed to score a great job in a campus cafe in his freshman year. Sadly, his sophomore year didn’t work out quite so nicely. The cafe couldn’t manage to work around his schedule as well as it had the previous year, so Bitty was stuck scrambling desperately for a job at the start of the semester. He couldn’t be too upset about ending up working in the library’s main computer lab.

Overall, he didn’t mind it too much. The bulk of his job was just to remind people not to eat or drink too close to the computers and to occasionally go around and log out of any idling, unmanned computers. Otherwise, he was left to do homework (read: scroll through Twitter) at the front desk. He was doing just that, French textbook open in front of him and phone resting on top so he could use it one-handed, when someone cleared their throat above him. His startled jerk was enough to knock his phone into the floor, and he was thoroughly embarrassed by the time he grabbed it up and gave his attention to the man at the desk.

The guy looked familiar in the same way that most students around the small campus looked familiar and so obviously unknown to him. He was tall, with dark hair flopping over his forehead and a surly enough look on his face to drain the blush right out of Bitty’s cheeks. Still, Bitty managed to offer him an only slightly shaky smile. “Hi, sorry about that! I promise I’m not usually so jumpy, Lord. God knows what’s gotten into me. What can I do for you?”

“I, euh…” Maybe Bitty was imagining it, but he could have sworn the guy’s cheeks turned a little rosy. “I was wondering which printer to use?”

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BTS Celebrating Namjoon's Birthday Like
  • *opening presents*
  • Yoongi: *gets RM a helmet* It's a destructive-proof helmet. You'll thank me later.
  • J-Hope: *gets RM the Hixtape mixtape* You're the first to have it, ever!
  • Jimin: *gets RM a butt lifter* Our booties are gonna look so good in jeans!
  • V: *gets RM a Gucci belt* We can be matching, Hyung!
  • Jungkook: *gets RM a bunch of video games (that he secretly already opened and played)* Enjoy....*whispers* I know I did.
  • Jin: Open mine now! I saved the best for last.
  • *RM opens a box to see it's empty*
  • RM: What the f*ck.....
  • *Bangtan stares at Jin weirdly*
  • Jin: B*tch I let you destroy me every night, got pregnant not once, not twice, but FIVE TIMES gave you five beautiful kids, I cook and clean for you slobs every day! You're not getting anything else from me! Happy Birthday! *crosses arms*

So I’ve been using my bullet journal for three years non-stop because the system worked so well for me and I thought I would never go back to a traditional planner… until about a month ago I discovered the Best Self Co planner 😍

I saw that all the components of my bullet journal that I draw out every day: schedule, tasks, morning and evening gratitude, lessons learned, wins, habit tracker, in-depth goal setting and more are ALL in this planner. 💫

I used it for the first time yesterday in this two pages per day spread and had the most productive day I’ve probably ever had 🤔  plus there was enough room to add my own creative touches, track meals, add quotes, etc. 

Yeah.. this one is a winner, guys🌱 my studygram


“There was a bomb! He…… he… ate it..”