mine elder scrolls*


Been a while since I featured a hidden location, so here is Lost Prospect mine. A very small cave with no sign of visible…well…anything interesting at all. Except a journal. A miner’s partner runs out on him….or did he. It’s hell getting up the waterfall but if you do, you will find the poor partner and the motherlode of gold. 

So I made my dad play Skyrim. He was confused at first but enjoyed the many options of facial hair. Here are some of his quotes:

So I get to kill people? Awesome I love murder.

Bad kitty -When Alduin destroys the tower.

I’m a hungry boy -as he stole all the food items in Hadvars house

And finally, my mom shouted from across the room as he was naming his character NAME HIM QUINCY, MAKE HIM A NERD