mine connor


“Here’s a secret, darling.”
I listen, poised for anything with him.
“I’ve always loved winning, but I would lengthen the time it takes us to reach the end, just to spend one more second with you.”


Science now performs miracles like the Gods of old. Creating life from blood cells, or bacteria, or a spark of metal. But they’re perfect creatures. And in that way, they couldn’t be less human. There are things machines will never do. They can not possess faith. They can not commune with God. They cannot appreciate beauty. They cannot create art. If they ever learn these things, they won’t have to destroy us. They’ll be us


Marvel’s Luke Cage + Dungeons & Dragons Alignment

Toronto Maple Leaf memes
  • Auston exaggerating teammates ages. Roman Polak is 80, JVR is 42, Kadri is a solid 38.
  • “Marner will cuddle anything even [thing you would not normally cuddle]
  • saying, “Put some pants on Nylander” when he is obviously wearing pants.
  • Every time they have a good meal someone says it’s as good as Kadri’s mom’s lasagna.
  • Whenever something is a slight inconvenience they tell Martin to fight it for them. For example, the ATM is out of service “Marty fight it for me!”
  • The Rookie Club and it doesn’t consist of any rookies.
  • Every time someone talks about Lupul someone else is obligated to go “who?” extra points if it’s one of Lupul’s long time team members like JVR. 
  • “Mitch is listed at 6 feet tall, anything is possible.”
  • Morgan Rielly is the most responsible person on the team and you have to ask him permission before you do anything. They raise their hand and ask mo if they can go to the bathroom. 
  • Jake Gardiner is an american spy. Everytime he asks a question they refuse to answer and follow it up with “And america will never find out!” Bonus points if it’s JVR or Auston Matthews responding. 
  • Saying, “You never see Freddie andersen and connor brown in the same place at the same time” when they are standing right next to each other
  • Mixing up Zaitsev with his son.