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(usually @chrlieweasleys) congrats on 500!!! your writing is amazing and you deserve all the love possible!! 🌴 + charlie/neville pls?

  • Charlie was done with dating.
  • The whole thing was just not worth it if it was going to end up terribly bad every single time.
  • Is not like he wasn’t content being single, but sometimes he wished he had someone to share his experiences with.
  • He got specially wishful when he visited home.
  • Everyone had somebody.
  • Bill and Fleur, Percy and Audrey, George and Angelina, Ron and Hermione, Ginny and Harry.
  • Even the bloody garden gnomes seemed to have dates every time he went to The Burrow.
  • But he had made his decision; no more dating, it’ll be just his dragons and him.
  • And this time he wouldn’t let himself get sad over it.
  • So he walked through the Floo the day of his monther’s birthday, present in hand and ready to have a good time.
  • The Burrow was buzzing with life; relatives, friends, even some people he didn’t know.
  • He walked through the house, greeting people and trying to find Molly.
  • Charlie finally spotted her near the end of the yard, holding up a plant and talking to a ver handsome man.
  • “Mum! Happy birthday!” he called, walking up to them and wrapping her in a hug.
  • Molly ruffled his long hair and kissed his cheek “Charlie dear! I’m so glad you made it!”
  • Charlie turned to look at the young man with light brown eyes and hair, and who was smiling warmly at him.
  • “Sorry for interrupting,” Charlie said, extending his hand out to him. “You are?”
  • The other man frowned and Molly cut in with a sharp laugh. “Charlie, this is Neville! You’ve met him before!”
  • Charlie almost chocked on his own spit.
  • “Of course, Neville!” he croaked awkwardly and shook his hand “How are you?”
  • “Neville just gifted me this lovely begonia and was explaining how to care for it,” Molly spoke again. “Excuse me boys, I need to find your father.”
  • Charlie turned to Neville again, trying not to let his surprise be too obvious. “Sorry I didn’t recognize you, it’s just…been a while. You must be what? Twenty-something now?”
  • “Twenty-three, like Ron.” Neville laughed and Charlie kicked himself internally for acting so thick.
  • Neville and Charlie spent most of the afternoon talking, sometimes with other people too, sometimes just the two of them.
  • They talked about Romania, about Neville’s plant business, about their failures at dating, and about embarrassing stories.
  • “When I was younger I had a major crush on you,” Neville confessed with red cheeks.
  • Charlie chuckled, the alcohol making him feel light. “Seriously?”
  • Neville nodded. “Everytime I saw you, even in pictures, I got flustered and then tried to deny it to myself. Back when I didn’t know I liked blokes.”
  • Charlie was thinking of something really embarrassing that he could tell Neville right then, but it was probably too soon.
  • Late at night, only the Weasleys and their significant others remained.
  • Plus, Neville.
  • Charlie had never felt less alone during a family visit.
  • He watched as Neville poured them both a drink, and thought that he wasn’t like the people he usually went out with.
  • Neville was soft edges and kind eyes, with cheeks that dimpled when he smiled, and a slight beard stubble that was driving Charlie crazy.
  • “So,” Neville came back and handed Charlie a drink. “Are you going back to Romania tonight?”
  • Nothing sounded less appealing right then.
  • “I might stay a few more days.”  
  • The way Neville looked at him then made Charlie almost choke on his own spit again.
  • It had only been a day, and Charlie was ready to break his ‘no-dating’ rule.
  • Because maybe he didn’t have to be alone by choice.
  • And maybe there was something right about just his dragons, Neville, and him.

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imagine just being w ur friends n ur all chilling n everything is cool n then one of them is randomly like ‘hey guys who wants to help my lil bro smuggle a dragon out of this huge heavily guarded castle?’ n everyone is all ‘wtf charlie’ but u already know ur going. ur going to the fucking castle to pick up the fucking dragon bc charlie weasley’s little brother got himself in some shit. u just wanted a quiet friday night but no, now ur flying halfway across europe in the middle of the night to do something which is very likely illegal and most certainly a bad move, all bc u decided making friends w the timid-looking red headed weasley kid would be a good idea. wtf charlie. wtf.


to never again say my name like an apology // a three part gift for the lovely @androbeaurepaire‘s birthday. [Part 1]

— Dean, loving and being loved by his found family.