mine ccs

this is a  recolor of the city living inspired top in my summer palette. I hope you enjoy this very small post. Remember to credit me if you use my colors and tag me if you use my recolors; I want to see what you guys make!

  • 12 colors
  • bgc.
  • female — teen to elder. 
  • restricted for random.
  • mesh is here.
  • custom thumbnail.



my second piece of cc! another recolor of course. I didn’t know what to call it so I just called it patterned shorts lmao.

  • 15 recolors
  • EA mesh - all credit goes to EA
  • base game compatible
  • custom thumbnail - i think? it’s been being weird lol

hope you enjoy! again, pleeeease if you end up using my crappy stuff tag me in your screenshots! I wanna see it in your wonderful games!

download: simfileshare

first, can you tell I changed the font? and second: I quickly recolored this last night and it’s been sitting on my desktop, so I made the thumbnails while I’m skipping class and here we go! Tag me if you use my recolors so I can see them on other sims! 

  • 12 colors.
  • bgc.
  • female — teen to elder.
  • mesh is here.
  • restricted for random & color tagged.
  • custom thumbnail.

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That’s always a superficial thing, and I think Alec might understand that. You know it’s always difficult, you look at your person you love and you say ‘look at all the people before who they spent time with’, right? But, you know that to judge them for that would be unfair and irrational and also not a helpful thing. So you have to be able to get past that, but that’s not you. So, yes it bothers you, but you have to take the steps to get past that, and Alec is no different. Alec understands that. Luckily. […] That trap of weird yeah- yeah and like oh yeah well this person, this person, well you didn’t- I didn’t know you then! Are you gonna judge someone for the people they dated before they knew you, are you crazy? It’s nuts.
—  Matthew Daddario, the real mvp