mine bones

College Life

Jim, Bones

Summary: Jim is searching the Academy for coffee and finds Bones eating cold ramen at four in the morning.

A/N: Based on this prompt that @hero-ofcanton sent in. I hope you like it!

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Words: 916

Jim was about to get a third refill of coffee for the night when he realized the tin he kept the sacred beans in was empty, and then all hell broke loose.

Sure, the world remained the same. As still as it could be on a campus during deadline season (which was practically every other week). But for Jim it was different. He went through ten different types of breakdowns before he managed to get his feet to unglue themselves from the floor and march out of his dorm room. There had to be coffee somewhere. It didn’t matter that it was close to 4AM. This was a college, a university, whatever else you want to call the Starfleet Academy, and they all relied on coffee as much as he did. He was even willing to pay for it if he had to (though preferably not. there was a reason he hadn’t restocked his old stash yet. times were rough).

He wandered the dark halls, knowing full well he wasn’t the only one awake despite what the silence tried to indicate. He felt like he would’ve felt very self conscious about this a month ago, but he knew no one would judge him for having gone insane enough to take walks at this hour. Such was the charm of education.

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There are two basic chemical components to bone: organic and inorganic. Hydroxylapatite makes up the inorganic “mineral” portion of bone, which gives it its durability and strength. The organic portion of bone consists of collagen. By soaking a bone in vinegar you can dissolve the minerals in the bone, leaving the collagen, which results in an ultra-flexible bone.

If you’re up for an experiment, free to try this at home, chicken bones left over from dinner work great!