mine better look like this


#yoiweek2017 | Day 7: Shall We Skate?
Alternative Universe


We don’t need boys to get along…! Is that bad?


that moment ardyn showed ravus that yes, he’s aware that ravus isn’t here for the empire aka the moment ravus should have taken luna and run for his life


Lunafreya Nox Fleuret ; The Passing of the Oracle


All you’ve been talking about since Jace arrived was becoming parabatai.

2015 Luke Hemmings Highlights

Bc of recent events i’ve looked back in time and have fallen insanely and stupidly in love with 2015 Luke and i’d like to show you the highlights of 2015 Luke Hemmings.

 The first highlight is 2015 Japan Luke, what a time to be alive am i right kids? 

i mean you could set up camp inside of his dimples they’re that dEEP 

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有缘无分 (yǒu yuán wú fèn) -  “have fate without destiny” refers to couples who were fated to c o m e together, but not destined to s t a y together