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Confession Time: I am genuinely curious about Mida Rana.

This is going to be a more controversial post, probably, and I pray it doesn’t backfire. I don’t want no arguing, or bashing, on my blog over this subject, as this is my opinion and my opinion alone.

I was very surprised to see Mida Rana as a rival, though I previously heard that a teacher was going to be one of them. I believe she is one of the most hated rivals out of all 10, and I don’t think Muja is too far behind her. I will be one of the first people to say that this is understandable, and I definitely agree with the views people have about her and her .. -ahem- “hobby.” This alone is disgusting, and she is very high up on my list of rivals who I look forward to eliminating. 


I find her to be a very interesting character, and I am truly curious to know all about her. I want to know why she is the way she is, and what drove her to this point. I saw a strong hint by yanderedev himself that something may have happened to her as a teenager, that made her go after all this attention, but I think there may be more to it. I have a belief that she could possibly have a husband at home and, to be  blunt, he’s a piece of shit and he doesn’t give her any attention. So, she targets schoolboys because she knows she can get attention. 

It was said that each rival will have a serious problem, and I am dying to know what hers is. 

Another question I have is about her outfit. She can’t possibly go into the school dressed like THIS, can she? I think she might come in dressed ‘normally’, and unbutton her top, raise her skirt, etc. after she enters the classroom. 

Again, this is just my opinion about her. I look very forward to seeing what she is all about… and I am itching to throw her in the incinerator. 


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