mine are squares

Commonalities between Square Signs

Aries:Imaginative like Cancer & Motivated like Capricorn

Taurus:Loyal like Leo & Frank like Aquarius

Gemini:Hilarious like Virgo & Dreamy like Pisces

Cancer: Imaginative like Aries & Romantic like Libra

Leo:Loyal like Taurus & Attentive like Scorpio

Virgo:Hilarious like Gemini & Philosophical like Sagittarius

Libra:Romantic like Cancer & Cunning like Capricorn

Scorpio:Attentive like Leo & Unpredictable like Aquarius

Sagittarius: Philosophical like Virgo & Wise like Pisces

Capricorn:Motivated like Aries & Cunning like Libra

Aquarius:Frank like Taurus & Unpredictable like Scorpio

Pisces:Dreamy like Gemini & Wise like Sagittarius

QUEER LATINA WITCH?? Well, bruja to be exact. This beautiful book is about a girl named Alex who is a bruja and she basically has to travel to this Latinx-y Wonderland type world to save her family, and there’s an adorable girl love interest, wonderful Latinx representation/mythology and awesome magic!