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Hi guys! It’s Mina. Lately, I’ve been interested in otome games again. (How can I not? I need bishies in my life.) An anon asked for otome games recommendation! So here it is!These are the top 3 in my list!

1.) Amnesia ~ Memories
Platform: PC
I just have downloaded this the other day. I already finished 2 routes. This is very good. Awesome graphics. Fully voiced. English Translated. I’ll binge read this on sembreak.
2.) Uta no Prince-sama Music 1 & 2
Platform: PSP
This is a rhythm game. So addicting. I finished Uta no Prince-sama Music 1 in 3 days. (My hands are hurting lol) I’m halfway through Uta no Prince-sama Music 2. After finishing a song (completing 3 hearts), there will be a scene for each guy. Too bad it’s not translated in english. There are translations on different sites though. Don’t worry you can play the game without fully knowing Japanese.
3.) Hakuoki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blosson~
Platform: PSP
To be honest, I didn’t think I would like this visual novel since I’m not a fan of historical settings but I’m loving it. The plot is intriguing. I love Saito so much! (HE LOOKS LIKE YATO RAWR!) I’m kind of let it sit for a while since I’m really into Amnesia right now! This is translated in english.

4.) Storm Lover Kai!
Platform: PSP
This is the first otome game I’ve downloaded this past months. It’s good! Typical otome game. It’s very good though because you can choose from a junior up to teacher for your lover. You can also text your lover, buy presents for him and call him. I only finished 1 route and currently playing 2 routes with both half-way through. This is fan translated.

If you want to download these games, it’s not really hard to find them in Google! Nicoblog is a good site to check too! I use PPSSPP emulator to be able to play PSP games. You can download it for free! Thank you for taking the time to read this recommendation of mine! Hope it helped you. Feel free to share!