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Voltron Week 2016: Day 5 → (Platonic) Relationship


Now what do I do with all these Mami feelings?

(This is dedicated to debrisyume because she introduced me to The Different Story manga and even though it destroyed me I’m glad it did because it’s an amazing story)


Sterek AU:  Derek should have seen it coming (that’s what Stiles said)

Isaac found out moving in with Erica & Boyd was a lateral move. He went back to France where he patented a set of specialty werewolf proof earplugs before moving back in with Derek and Stiles.


[14/22] Countdown for Suho’s bday - Favorite fancams [8/?] - 150612 Exoluxion in Taipei

I want you. I want to have you here with me. I want to feel your warm body close to me. I want to hear your voice in my ear before I fall asleep. I want to feel safe in your arms, as well as I want you to feel safe in mine.

I want you. I want to be loved. I want to be desired. I want your passionate eyes while we lay awake in bed. I want your lustful hands pinning me on our bedroom wall.

I want you. I want your taste, I want your lips. I want them on my forehead while we’re buying ice cream on a late afternoon. As well as I want them down my stomach at 3 am in our living room.

I want you. I want to be your light in your darkest nights. I want you to take my hand before I drown into insanity.

—  S.D. Santos

Today’s the day. We’re gonna find food, maybe some people. The law of averages has gotta catch up. I don’t know. We ain’t seen nobody for weeks. Maybe we ain’t gonna find nobody. Maybe that’s a good thing.


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“I tried…we’ve been trying for years, Ichigo, to fix what happened. We could watch you, but we couldn’t communicate, couldn’t manifest,” she takes a deep breath, “I am…sorry. I am sorry that it took so long.”


There’s a brush of another familiar reiatsu, and Rukia looks behind him, waving a hand in greeting, “Ichigo. Look.”

He does, and it’s Isshin, face grim but no older. With a start, Ichigo realizes that one day, he might surpass his father in age.

When he looks back, she’s already gone.


“Son.” Isshin stares down at the boy in the grass, still seventeen to him even though he’d watched him grow up from afar. Ichigo’s shoulders are hunched, drawn inwards and away from him. There’s a flash of naked hurt, and then the vulnerability disappears as Ichigo straightens and stands, looking his father in the eye. 

Look, Masaki, he finally caught up.

“Old man.”

Son, Isshin had called him, but the older shinigami knows that blood means little when it comes to family. He doesn’t look for forgiveness, but he hopes Ichigo will one day understand.

“Let’s go, Urahara is back at the shoten. We’ll explain everything there.”

Ichigo hesitates, and Isshin thinks that he might refuse after all. “Rukia-chan will be there.”

When Isshin turns to leave, his wayward son follows.

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