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Q: It looks like you’re usually mischievous, but you look chic on the stage
A: Both sides are part of me, but I think the bright and playful side is more like the real me. The aura when I smile and when I don’t are different so sometimes it causes misunderstandings, even when I’m in a good mood, people would ask me “Ten, are you angry?”




Happy Birthday to our exceptionally talented Thai prince! May he get lots of opportunities to show his remarkable skills and come upon many valuable experiences that’ll help him grow to become the incredible artist that he aspires to be. We love and miss you dearly! Have an amazing day, Ten! ♥

honestly even’s friendship with the Boys is so so fucking important to me, and @sanasevaks​ made me emotional about this, so,

  • guys. do you ever think about how easily the Boys accepted even into their group???
  • like think about it from even’s perspective. he’s dating their friend, their friend who wasn’t out yet - and if that’s not bad enough, he’s bipolar, and had a girlfriend when he first got together with isak and the start of their relationship was rocky and he ended up hurting isak and screwing him up twice. 
  • like isak’s friends have every reason to distrust him, to hate him, to tell isak he’s a bad influence and that isak deserves better. they have nothing invested - they’ve barely spoken to even at all. and yet??? they all immediately accept him??? and care for him?? despite everything???
  • that must mean the fucking WORLD to even. to have these people when he felt so alone - when he just transferred to this school and there’s already rumors circulating around him and he broke up with the girl that was one of the only constants in his life for the past 5 years. to know that he doesn’t just have support from isak - he has it from magnus and mahdi and jonas and eskild and noora and linn and everyone that comes with isak. that must feel so overwhelmingly good. 

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