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hp characters (minor): cedric diggory

“remember, if the time should come, when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy - remember what happened to a boy who was good, and kind, and brave, because he strayed across the path of lord voldemort. remember cedric diggory.”

The Rising Signs

Aries rising - can come off as aggressive. direct and blunt. fierce and bold looking. feels more self aware than most

Taurus rising - enjoys looking their best and spending their money on nice things. charming and always looks very comfortable wherever they are

Gemini rising - prone to nervous habits and fidgeting. looks petite and is very curious. asks lots of questions. nail biters, smokers, androgynous types

Cancer rising - typical moody cancer traits. weight may fluctuate. moon shaped eyes and small noses. pale/fair complexion

Leo rising - their hair is probably really important to them or is what stands out the most about them. self-centered, usually, but not always in a bad way. warm and friendly

Virgo rising - nit-picky and critical of others. the person that suggests making lists. usually pretty reserved

Libra rising - so polite it actually hurts. usually has a nice butt. social, experiences life beautifully and socially

Scorpio rising - their gaze/stare is inexplicable. their intensity is everything. already knows what you’re up to and you haven’t even met them yet

Sagittarius rising - athletic usually and tall. you just know when you’re talking to a sagittarius rising. the cool guy/girl that makes you feel really special when you grab their attention for more than 5 minutes

Capricorn rising - poker face. you feel accomplished when you make them laugh or crack a smile. sees life as a great responsibility

Aquarius rising - usually androgynous like gemini. unique style, somehow it’s different than other people. comes off more detached than they really are. breezy vibe

Pisces rising - really soft and gentle looking face, with watery eyes. photogenic even when they’re not. gullible and rosy