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(some of) the best mcelroy things
  • the shit they talk about their own early episodes because they know how god awful they were
  • the fact all three of them (+ Clint) have matching tattoos 
    • LoZ tattoos for that matter, where each brother has a different part of the tri force filled in, and clint has all 3 filled
  • griffy got that tattoo on his wrist specifically bc he didnt want a job that would be dicks about tattoos
  • the way justin will just go “ok that’s fine” if one of the other two is like ‘i dont wanna talk abt this’ even if its a goof
  • the fact trav and justin inexplicably have the same birthday 3 years apart
    • and then when griffin was like “i know how u feel [about a jumbotron description] every november 8th i just sit in bed and wail”
  • travis watched pirates of the carribean like, 9 times in theatres when it first came out - several of which as dates
  • griffin tried to have a dog in his “pet-free” apartment in college and it only lasted like, four days before they got found out
  • travis’ entire character development in taz results from his fear of losing his wife because he loves her so so much
  • the way that, at every ridiculous stunt and every heartwrenching moment the boys pull in TAZ, griffin goes “oh my GOD”/ “oh god….”/ “oh no..”
    • likewise the cackling that clint/travis/justin do at those same moments 
  • “"A family highpoint for me was the time my dad beat us at Clue in one round,“ recalls Clint’s second son Travis. “It was at that moment that I realized that my father is the most clever man on the planet. Notice that I didn’t say the smartest man. We’re talking about a man who, until he woke up on the basement floor several hours later, didn’t see anything wrong with dumping excess kitty litter and bleach down a sink at the same time in a poorly ventilated room””