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Pairing: Gaston/LeFou
Rated: Teen and Up Audiences
Tags: Pre-Movie, Pre-Relationship, Wartime, Protective!Gaston, Drabble

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I posted this final ‘drabble’ (the others were, this one got a bit longer) a bit more than a month ago on AO3, but it got pretty much no reaction compared to the others which I’d posted on Tumblr as well. So I thought I’d post this one here too, in the end :) Comments (and Kudos) on AO3 are very very much appreciated, though! :D

A big thank you to @gastonsbiceps for the editing <3

When LeFou returned, back charged with a sack of hard-boiled eggs, bread and cheese, and a filled waterskin, Gaston had fallen asleep, much like the sun had disappeared behind the horizon.

Making as little noise as possible, LeFou organized the food onto the small table between their beds, before lighting up a lamp in the corner of the tent. Then, he sat down on the edge of his bed, and wondered whether or not he should wake up Gaston. He should eat, but if Gaston needed a full night of sleep, perhaps it would be better to grant it to him.

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