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So maybe I hang in the wrong circles and I don’t see anything else but (not that there’s anything inherently wrong about the mainstream circles in the SI community) I don’t see a lot of positivity for NSFW self insertion.

Support your self inserting friends who:

》Draw NSFW fanart/write NSFW fics about their F/Os
》Write NSFW headcanons about their F/Os
》Fantasize sexual situations w their F/Os
》Arent satisfied with the “uwu fluff” and crave a sexual relationship (not that there’s anything wrong w fluff)
》Want sexual relationships w their F/Os but not IRL or are asexual IRL
》Are hypersexual (I know I am and others who are)
》Have a sexual relationship w their F/O but don’t want it made public

Feel free to add more but remember, I’m not saying those of you who stick to SFW content only or only think of your F/Os in a non sexual way don’t deserve positivity and support, I’m just providing validation for those of us that do. You’re still valid.


Evidence against Kim de Gelder that was exhibited to the public in 2013. This included the murder weapons, a bulletproof vest and axes but also objects like hair dye, mobile phones and binoculars.

Kim de Gelder committed a stabbing attack in a daycare center in Dendermonde, Belgium on the 23th of January, 2009. Two infants and one adult were killed, ten other infants and two adults got injured. Kim De Gelder got sentenced to life imprisonment in 2013.


The assasination of Inejiro Asanuma. (浅沼 稲次郎)

On the 12th of October, 1960 the Japanese politician and leader of the Japan Socialist Party, Inejiro Asanuma, was assasinated by 17-year old Otoya Yamaguchi (山口 二矢), a Japanese nationalist, during a political debate for the coming elections that was being broadcasted live on television. Yamaguchi ran onstage and stabbed Asanuma through his ribs with a traditional samurai sword, killing him.

Otoya Yamaguchi committed suicide by hanging in his cell on November 2nd, 1960.



Well, spring is practically over and I only just finished this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

Who says seances have to a nighttime affair? This is for laying on your stomach in your back-garden, in the sunshine with two glasses of lemonade (one for you and one for the ghost).

I used the same base pattern as last time, but all of the spring-themed changes and the planchette are my own 💖

~my last cross stitch ouija board~

~for people wondering about the pattern~   

✨don’t delete my caption!✨