mine 5cm


i must be stopped

Made my Lieutenant insignia for my NOVJ unit since I’m the commanding officer. My first attempts were short by 2 cm. So someone that owns some original ranks, was able to measure the length of the gold ribbons. They were 9,5cm x 1,6-2cm. Period six point officer stars are 2cm across. The triangles on the collar are 3,5cm-3,5cm -3cm (mine are just slightly bigger). 

Quartz cast

An unusual structure, made of white opaque quartz that has somehow filled the gaps between other mineral crystals. They are known as angle plated quartz, and this oddity (measuring 11x7.5x1.5cm) wad mined at Travelers Rest in South Carolina. The grid is covered with a sparkling of younger tiny quartz crystals.


Image credit: Joe Budd/Rob Lavinsky/iRocks.com