mine 2012

“The concept of life after death is a superstition, designed to keep people happy with their limited existence in the present. The only life is the one we have now which is why we must seize it and live while we have the chance.”

Ginger and Rosa (2012) dir. Sally Potter


“It’s taken me nearly 28 years to realise that the most defiant thing we can do as individuals is not to resist others’ expectations of ourselves but to resist our own. It’s because of my unique struggles as a female in this industry that I’ve learned some of the most defining lessons of my life. I’m much stronger now. An empowered woman with more purpose than before. And I found out that that place where the Missy Elliots of the world rule is not a literal destination. It’s the gut feeling you follow. The voice you do not silence. It’s when you embrace your story and stop avoiding the most authentic parts of yourself.”