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This is what I picked out from these two screenshots of mine.

line 2: things
line 3: world, cave mouth was a
line 4: gold, and, trees, unfold
line 5: rocks, boulders that cast long
line 6: beyond
line 9: I was, again, unable to weep a, aware-
line 10: any trace of nearby Fae
line 11: before, How I’d survived so
line 13: the, and, our
line 14: of us
line 15: would have realized he
line 16: I had
line 17: revealing, scheming

13 Days of Outlander - Day 11 Vengeance is Mine

It was certainly interesting to see an episode penned by DG herself (and an interesting episode for them to have given her to make her screenwriting debut). 

Favorite Book to Screen Adaptation: Jamie’s prayer. It makes complete and total sense that DG writes some of the best Jamie and Claire moments of the season––they are her creations, after all––and the way Jamie’s quiet prayer as he watches Claire sleep was adapted for the screen… the light caress of her belly as he prays she’ll be able to carry another child and that she and that child will be safe… brushing her hair aside and leaning down to kiss her only to inadvertently wake her… her urging him to climb into bed and lovingly, dreamily kissing his hand after intertwining their fingers… It’s all just so incredibly intimate and beautiful, a true moment of peace as the cracks in the world outside their walls begin to widen, the promise of collapse drawing nearer. 

Favorite Location: the church. It’s a gorgeous stone church that immediately put me in mind of the Black Kirk back in season one. It helps that the scene where they’re all holed up at the church is one of my favorites of the book (though some of the more heart-breaking elements of the scene are dulled for this episode with Rupert losing only an eye rather than his life; that’s a trade I’m happy to make). And speaking of Rupert…

Favorite Performance: Grant O’Rourke as Rupert MacKenzie. It’s unclear just how much time has passed since Prestonpans––and therefore how long Rupert has been without Angus––but his grief is still close to the surface and O’Rourke infuses Rupert with the awkwardness of lingering grief as he tells stories about Angus to anyone who’ll listen whether they’re an appropriate audience for the tales or not. He’s still able to crack jokes––especially when he loses his eye (and small tangent but this time around, his jokes about wanting to get a closer look at a musket ball and asking Jamie to give Claire a wink for him had a total George Weasley post-ear vibe to them) but there’s less happy mirth behind them than when Angus was around. But my favorite little Rupert moment of the episode was when the church is surrounded and it looks like they might have to fight; Fergus grabs a knife but before he can do anything with it, Rupert puts an arm across Fergus’ chest and shakes his head because this isn’t a fight a lad like him should be fighting. 

Favorite Minor Character: British Captain. He is my favorite minor character purely because of the actor playing him. I don’t know his name without looking it up but I don’t know that I want to because I kind of like thinking of him as Captain Downton Crown; he’s just one of those actors who seems to pop up with minor roles in just about everything.

Favorite Scene, Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment: Claire plays the hostage again and she and Jamie must part. I’m such a sucker for Jamie and Claire’s goodbyes but what I love about this scene is the way that Claire argues her point to Jamie. “Am I not Lady Broch Tuarach? Are these men not my responsibility too?” They’re both willing to turn themselves over in order to save the rest of the party but it’s Claire who has a better chance of surviving the experience. Still Jamie can’t bear the thought of seeing her handed over and agrees only reluctantly and only to Claire’s assertion of her title and her responsibility; growing up knowing he would be Laird, Jamie learned about the responsibilities he would bear and it’s a burden he seems to feel is his alone a lot of the time but Claire strongly reminds him that as his wife, they share that responsibility, that he doesn’t have to carry it alone. It’s a recognition that’s emblematic of what he loves about her and why he is so terrified to see her taken away. He watches her as best he can from inside the church and the soldiers are barely out of sight with Claire in their custody before he is after them trying to ditch even Murtagh’s help (before finally accepting it) because all he can think about is getting her back and holding true to his promise that she would be safe and she wouldn’t be alone. 

Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part: Hugh Munro lives! I spent far too much of my first time through this episode fearing the moment when Hugh Munro would wind up dead and was so relieved and shocked when that moment never came. I don’t know why his death hit me so hard when I first read the book but it did and I was not ready to say goodbye to him. I loved that I didn’t have to (well, not in that way, at least). 

Favorite Costume: Mary’s dress. There’s little lighting in this episode that works for seeing the costumes adequately but this dress of Mary’s has been used in enough of the promotional materials that I know it’s my favorite of the episode (at least, I’m pretty sure this is the one from the promo pics I’m thinking of). The shade of blue-grey and style of the dress is incredibly similar to the one she wore back in La Dame Blanche when she was raped which, given the events at the end of the episode, feels incredibly appropriate. There’s less ornamentation to this one, sleeker lines; it is a more stripped down version (just as Mary is a more stripped down version of herself as she is still dealing with her trauma). 

Favorite Music Moment: breaking into the Duke’s house. Despite all the buildup of the idea that it will be incredibly difficult and dangerous for Jamie to try to break into the Duke’s house to rescue Claire, the process of infiltrating the large estate proves not just relatively easy, but unexpectedly humorous as Mary gets a word of warning to Hugh for Jamie and Jamie encounters zero resistance as he easily takes down a guard along the stone wall. The music reflects a bit of the fortuitous chaos unfolding in the scene. 

Favorite Line: Go to bed. The Duke has shown little interest or even affection for Mary and nothing captures his frustrations more than the way he pushes her to “Go to BED.” But his disinterest leads him to underestimate her capabilities and she contributes to the infiltration efforts and his inevitable demise more than he ever could have imagined. 


mystic messenger + text post meme

Today there was a charity auction at Coex and the members gave away their own shoes for bidding and according to this tweet, the maknae grew taller again

Chanyeol 290 (US Size 11)
Jongin 270 (US Size 9)
Sehun 270 X > 275 (US Size 9.5)
Kyungsoo 265 (US Size 8.5)
Minseok 260 (US Size 8)
Junmyeon 260 (US Size 8)
Yixing 260 (US Size 8)
Baekhyun 260 (US Size 8)
Jongdae 250 (US Size 7)