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paigeofpaper  asked:

I had a dream last night where someone was repeatedly telling me that I was a terrible slitherer-outer and that I was trying to slither out of everything and I was like well that makes sense, and then when I woke up I was mad because in the past 8 yrs of loving HMC that's the only HMC related dream I have?! p.s. LOVE the blog please keep it up!

lol l think that dream was great

so how did it feel, dreaming about being Howl?

I once had a dream where I found the fourth book for the Castle-series from our attic and it had like 500 pages and was perfect ;_; (I’ve never been so disappointed when waking up)

p.s. THANK YOU and don’t worry this blog will probably stand as long as I do :D


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