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[[ okay obviously this has been coming for a long time, i guess??? i haven’t made one since i hit 100 on my old blog like eons ago and now that i’ve moved-!!! time for a new one!!! this isn’t really prompted by anything since i’ve been stuck at 150 followers for months but really it’s just because??? 

anyways special shout out to everyone who’s stuck with me through the bs and shit and everything else!!! you guys are the real baes!!!! ♥♥♥ bless 👏👏 ]]

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Mine / Chapter 8

You ran as fast as you could. Thoughts were flooding your head making it pound in pain but you couldn’t focus on that right now. Your chest was constricting as you breathed heavily, your legs burning as you rushed past the bushes and trees where sticks and branches managed to scratch your bare skin. You needed to keep running, praying time was on your side as you tried not to think about Baekhyun getting badly hurt.

You could see lights just up ahead, signaling the yell out your mouth as you called for someone to help. You could feel the tears threatening to spill from your eyes again, your voice wavering as you continued to call out.

Chanyeol was the first you saw, his head poking out the door before he called your name and hurried out to come to you. Your legs grew weak, stumbling forward before you caught yourself off the ground and strong pair of hands held onto your arms.

“What’s wrong?” Chanyeol’s alarmed voice rung through your ears, raising your head as you sucked in air.

“Baekhyun.” His name came out in a whimper, “Please, Baekhyun.”

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