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Holy shit pls make a part 2 of the subtle. boyfriends thing i almost died I love every bit of it oh my god

enough time has passed since i posted - the first one -  that i don’t feel guilty about posting the part two alright letS DO THIS

  • isak and even are pretty chill guys, you’ve seen how both of them sort of hold off on the PDA till theyre alone in a room together, they’re pretty good at being a couple but not That Couple if you know what i mean…
  • …at least that’s what they think,
  • the reality is that they’re the least subtle fucks in the world - you don’t need to make out with someone or call each other sickeningly sweet petnames to be ridiculously obvious
  • despite how Chill they think they are, how they greet each other always gives them away,
    • isak always gets a moment, if he’s in a group of people, where he spots even and the rest of the world just melts away for a few seconds, and he can’t help his face from lighting up and everyone takes one look and goes oh even must be here.
    • they let even slide into the conversation and ignore the way that isak and even can’t seem to really pay attention to anything but sliding ’“subtle’” glances at each other till they’ve had the chance to say a proper hello. 
    • (which is normally a quiet moment alone - when the conversation fires up and even gets a chance to move closer to isak and they give each other a small little halla and a smile and maybe a quick kiss) 
    • (then, and only then, with even’s hand resting on isak’s waist and isak leaning a little bit into him, can they refocus their attention fully to the conversation again)
    • ESPECIALLY. when even gets to isak’s flat.
    • you would think because he practically lives there that even’s coming over would be an easily ignorable part of the day. you would be wrong.
    • the rest of the kollektiv can immediately tell when he’s here because the buzzer goes off and isak is immediately at the door, and they can practically hear their smiles and kisses from two rooms away, because jesus christ are these boys are in their honeymoon phase and going a few days apart feels like fucking torture, and all of this restlessness and love and energy just bubbles up inside of them sometimes, which makes it all the more harder to suppress these feelings they have for each other when they’re around other people
    • and that’s all well and good but also noora sort of needs to FOCUS and its hard to do that when there’s a couple being in love like,,,, right next to you

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