carryonwaywardangel askedHey! There’s a thunderstorm going on where I am and I had a thought for a prompt :) College!AU: Dean and Cas are roommates and one (or both) of them is afraid of thunder so naturally they have to huddle/cuddle together to ride out the storm. :D

Author’s note: It’s been a while since I’ve written a College AU, so here you go! :) 

As Castiel slowly woke up, he immediately became aware of a foreign, heavy weight half on top of him.

The mysterious weight left him feeling confused; it reminded him of home, where his dog Alfie would often sneak into his bedroom and crawl into bed with him, happily ignoring mother’s ‘no pets upstairs’ rule. But that was home, this was college. There was no Alfie here… Only Castiel’s roommate, Dean.

Castiel’s eyes flew wide open at the sudden sound of thunder, followed by a bright flash of light that eerily illuminated the small room that he shared with his friend. Just enough light for Castiel to realize what was going on; Dean’s bed was empty, because instead of sleeping in his own bed, Dean was curled up against Castiel’s side, hiding his face against Castiel’s chest.

“Dean?” Castiel muttered, feeling a little breathless at the knowledge that his very attractive roommate was practically cuddled up against him for some reason.  

Dean flinched in Castiel’s arms when his name was being called. Another crash of thunder and another flash of blue, and Castiel saw how mortified green eyes glanced up at him in the dark.

“Shit, Cas, I- I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking man, but you were sleeping and I was…” The rumbling noise of more thunder made that Dean didn’t finish his sentence.

It wasn’t until now that Castiel realized that Dean was shaking, even as he was trying to get up and move away from Castiel.

“You’re afraid.” Castiel concluded out loud, placing a hand on Dean’s shoulder before Dean could make an escape.

When he didn’t move, Castiel reached for the lamp on the nightstand, switching it on. Green eyes stubbornly avoided him when he tried to make eye contact with Dean, who was now sitting on the very edge of Castiel’s bed.

“It’s dumb.” Dean whispered, still not looking at Castiel, clearly feeling ashamed.

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