For this prompt: ‘College!au where Cas is trying to secretly take a picture of Dean because he’s the most attractive human, but Dean thinks he’s playing Pokemon Go so he goes over to talk to Cas, and Cas is so lost because he doesn’t do games.’

So perhaps this was a bad idea. No, scratch that, it was the most horrible idea in the history of bad ideas. Wondering again why on earth he’d let his friend Charlie talk him into this, Castiel discreetly eyed his target from behind the nearest tree.

Sitting on a bench beside some rusty old artwork, was a guy, staring at the screen of his phone with a certain determination. His brow was adorably furrowed, full pink lips slightly parted in concentration. ‘Infuriatingly handsome’ was the only description that did him justice, in Castiel’s humble opinion. Every day, the guy would hang out here all by himself, on that bench in the middle of that small park behind Castiel’s dorm. Sometimes during lunch break, but at times also late at night when it was starting to get dark; Castiel could see it all from his window.

And of course when he’d called his friend Charlie and told her about his annoying crush, she’d somehow trapped him into doing this. She’d demanded that if this guy was such a miracle and Castiel insisted on rambling about him every day, it was at least his duty to share a picture of the object of his affection with his best friend.

Taking a deep breath, Castiel took one step closer, knowing that he’d never get a proper picture from his hiding spot. Another step as Castiel held his breath; he was grateful that the guy at least seemed to be too absorbed in whatever was happening on his phone to notice his surroundings.

Lifting his phone, Castiel remained still as a stone, silently cursing Charlie Bradbury and her unreasonable request. He was close enough now, could capture everything, from the guy’s many freckles to his thick long lashes. He truly was beautiful…


Castiel exhaled, relieved that he’d done it, just as the guy glanced up and stared right at him.

Oh crap, oh no. What kind of an excuse was he ever going to come up with? This could only end in embarrassment, and Castiel’s cheeks were already on fire. But as Castiel slowly lowered his phone, he realized that the guy was smiling broadly at him, getting up from the bench, almost excitedly approaching Castiel.

“Dude! You were after that Venonat as well, weren’t you?” He grinned, nodding behind him at the bench. “The lure is still active for another twenty minutes, wanna join me?”

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