From what I’ve gathered of today, something is coming to a close. Whether he’s a fall guy or not, letting a fandom look behind the curtain is not standard protocol. But bringing it up less than a day when all the bands social media was closely monitored, seems more intentional than normal. Once again, we’ll see how it plays out.


Anonymous Said: I dare you to make a gifset of all the times Laura cried on screen :)

I’d like to take this opportunity to invite people to the prayer circle where we pray that s3 leTS LAURA HOLLIS BE HAPPY

Now I’m reevaluating yesterday. If we assume Syco was in charge of the 6 year anniversary campaign, it just confirms they do know what makes us tick, how to manipulate our emotions in negative ways and in positive ways at the exact same time.

That’s the smoke and mirrors bullshit of this industry. And it’s why I’m so slow to trust anything or anyone around this band when it’s presented to us through a 1DHQ lens.