Tbh I found the battle between the clans and the Dark Forest disappointing. There was so much the Erins could’ve done:

  • We could’ve seen Crookedstar and Mapleshade battle 
  • We could’ve seen Snowfur confront Thistleclaw 
  • We could’ve seen Ashfur and Squirreflight reunite (ugh just imagine how this scene would’ve went down)
  • We could’ve seen Bluestar and Tigerstar battle
  • We could’ve seen Firestar reunite with Bluestar, Whitestorm, Lionheart, CinderpeltYellowfang etc.
  • We could’ve seen Cinderpelt kick ass
  • We could’ve seen a Graystripe/Feathertail reunion
  • We could’ve seen Graystripe fighting together with Feathertail and Silverstream
  • We could’ve seen Nightcloud reacting to the whole Crowfeather/Breezepelt conflict 
  • We could’ve seen Tallstar kick ass
  • We could’ve seen a Mothwing/Hawkfrost reunion

The list just goes on and on and none of these scenes that really should’ve happened did not and ugh the wasted potential just kills me.

anonymous asked:

your first zelink pairing? mine was tetra/link from WW, i think theyre a really cool duo

Mine was probably oot because the “young love will become deep affection” thing and DANG they’re just really adorable together I’m trash for all zelinks but oot tickles me in a way the others can’t I love it