the absolute funniest thing in madoka magica to me is that all of the girls have magical weapons that they summon from their soul gems, right? so madoka has her bow, sayaka has a sword, mami has musket rifles, and kyouko has a chain spear thing.

but homura doesn’t have a “weapon” persay, she has a shield, so she just fucking. steals military grade weaponry from the yakuza and cooks her own pipe bombs. you see her obtain these things on camera. this anime magical girl is running around with realistic military weapons and she’s the ONLY character to do so and that’s fucking hysterical to me


That moment when you love Masrur , and after that you have another reason to do it , I’m screaming , my precious children , that dirty of Sharrkan , and the little face of my Yamuraiha , is so cute little girl.