All the things you told me

You told me you were never going to leave me but now it’s 2 am and loneliness is laying next to me whispering on my ear saying she is trying to sleep

You told me you were never going to fail me but trusting on anyone one more time is something I’m not doing anymore

You told me I was the only girl you wanted to spend the rest of your life with but I heard you are fucking and kissing that blonde perfect girl you just met 1 week ago

You told me you loved my scars and you kissed my wounds as you wanted to heal all of them but whenever I felt down you faded away

You told me I deserved all the happiness in this mean world but I almost can’t breathe and love myself again

You told me I had the biggest and humblest heart ever but you didn’t mind leaving it pretty numbless and ripping it out of my chest did you?

You told me we didn’t have sex you said you made love to me seriously I adored the way you pulled my hair and how softly your hands touched my face but I don’t even want to share my mind or body again

You told me my smile was the most precious treasure in all the galaxies but you didn’t care about killing me slowly with your lies

You told me we were going to make our dreams come true together but I never realized how selfish you were

You told me how much you wanted to hug me every night but you barely remember me once a week

You told me no one ever sticked up for you before but when you saw me broken on pieces you disappeared

You told me you cared about my depression and you were going to save me but you just made me fell harder

You told me you were going to keep all my secrets but since you dumped me I feel so naked and I have no secrets left

You told me everything was different but I realized you didn’t love me anymore even then wanted you to stay

You told me so many things about our future and I trusted all the words that came out of your mouth but oh god that’s only because girls like me can deeply love fuckboys like you

my favourite thing about the photos dan and phil take of scenery is that they always try and conclude each other in them, like they’re part of the beautiful view they’re taking in and i think that’s just the sweetest thing because they have had such a big impact on each other’s lives


Lee Pace / Thranduil - behind the scene -THE WOODLAND REALM -

The Throne and The Palace of Thranduil

Can we talk about Emma’s reaction to the OQ reunion hug? At the start of the shot, she looks like she is trying to be happy but can’t quite manage it. Because her eyes are almost sad. Almost pining. Almost like she wants to be the one wrapped in that hug. But then she catches herself and closes her eyes for a second and shifts in place because no. This is not the place and she is happy for Regina she is. She wants Regina to have her happy ending even if it isn’t with her. That was her promise, and she intends to keep it even if it breaks her heart. And Regina happy. Regina happy is the best sight in the whole world.