Remember what it feels like. All those times in school when you see him standing down the hall, and you cannot breathe until you’re with him. Or those times in class when you can’t stop looking at the clock because you know he’s standing right out there waiting for you. Don’t you remember what that’s like? No. What do you mean “no”? You’ve had boyfriends. Not like that.

okay but consider this: if rey is a skywalker, she will be the first lead female to have the skywalker name. leia is known as either princess leia or leia organa, due to her adopted parents, and padme is always referred to as padme amidala. the skywalker family legacy has always been about the boys, the men, a patriarchal title passed down from father to son. if rey is luke’s daughter, her name would be rey skywalker. she would be the first female to have an actual claim on the skywalker name (with the exception of shmi, but her role in the films was a very different one) and the first female to be portrayed in an equal way to the male leads of the series’ past. anakin skywalker and luke skywalker both claimed the family name, while padme has her own identity and leia is deprived an equal share in the skywalker legacy. making rey a skywalker would not diminish her character - it would emphasize it’s importance to the story and to the star wars universe. she is a beautifully written female lead who has all of the skywalker boys’ good traits and none of their undesirable ones. she is everything the star wars hero - or heroine - should be. why should the entire franchise allow only men to be the heroic skywalkers, to be the heroes of the galaxy that the world has come to know and recognize by name for over thirty years? why can a female not embody the archetype of the iconic skywalker hero - the pilot, the fighter, the chosen one? let rey be a skywalker. let her show everyone that the skywalker name is not only for the boys but for the girls - for this young woman - whose ferocity, bravery, and strength of character surpass that of the skywalker men yet is not acknowledged as even being of equal worth or recognition. please - let rey be a skywalker. let her take on the skywalker name with grace and unforgiving strength - and let the star wars franchise take on a new face of the iconic, praised, and loved skywalker hero.


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Phil: I installed “Get to Work” which is a new expansion pack.
Dan: We bought an expansion?!
Me: Chill Dan