There’s a banned Dexter’s Laboratory episode where Dexter makes a machine meant to remove the rudeness of Dee Dee but they both end up accidentally getting into it and making two rude clones of themselves (w/ stereotypical New York accents) who cuss and swear throughout the entire episode.

It’s called Rude Removal and was originally made and meant to air in 1998 as a part of Season 2, but didn’t for obvious reasons. It was released uncut on Adult Swim’s website in 2013, and you can watch the uncensored version here (click) !

what who you stan for says about you:

dee: you’re gay for dee and you want to punch glennis in the face

dennis: you write darkfic and have an aesthetic blog

charlie: charliemac is your otp and you constantly use the word “smol”

mac: you either want to bang mac or be him, you’ve probably tweeted at rob to “let mac be gay”

frank: you’re from r/iasip or you are a balanced human being

Dennis was hurt by not getting Valentines so he put FAKE anthrax in the box so that no one got valentines. Dee, when put in the similar situation of not getting valentines cards, threatened to genuinely harm people to FORCE them to say nice things. That is honestly so telling of who they really are as people. I think Dee is a lot scarier than people give her credit for.

i decided to redraw my old versions of the iasip crew as animal crossing villagers :) 

types stay the same as usual: snooty ostrich, snooty anteater, jock dog, lazy monkey, cranky tortoise

mac’s catchprase is “jabroni” idk what anyone else’s would be