ASOIAF meme | [2/3] OTP Jaime and Brienne

↳   Brienne’s big blue eyes were full of hurt as Balon Swann and a dozen gold cloaks led her away. You ought to be blowing me kisses, wench, he wanted to tell her. Why must they misunderstand every bloody thing he did? Aerys. It all grows from Aerys. Jaime turned his back on the wench and strode across the yard. 

Jewel’s Accidental Banana Milkshake Recipe

Okay so I fucked up making vanilla pudding and I just turned it into a banana milkshake. 4 ingredients, here’s what you need:

  • 100ml of heavy cream
  • 200ml of rice milk (almond is cool too)
  • 30g (2tbsp) of instant vanilla pudding
  • 2 bananas (the riper the better)
  1. Put everything except the bananas into a bowl and mix it with a mixer. Mind that you don’t want it to get solid, thicker is okay but not like actual pudding or whipped cream
  2. Cut the bananas (without peel, you animals) and put them in a blender along with the mixture
  3. Mix until smoooooooth
  4. Pour in glasses (mine made 2 big glasses) and chill for 10 minutes
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moodboards 2/ ? - yoonmin amusement park date

jimin and yoongi are at an amusement park and they end up getting into the same cabin on the ferris wheel and when they reach the top it suddenly stops. a few minutes later it is announced they it’s going to take a while to fix it and everyone should stay calm they are perfectly safe. jimin starts to panic and yoongi helps him calm down, he holds his hand  and starts to softly caress it while talking to jimin about everything that comes to his mind. like his hyung who cooks for him and tells horrible jokes and about his friend who is clumsy and breaks a lot of things. jimin listens intently and eventually starts laughing at the things that yoongi says and yoongi is so doomed bc jimin is so pretty and his giggling is even prettier. when the ferris wheel is finally fixed and they are on the ground jimin kissess yoongi on the cheek and thanks him and is about to leave but yoongi stops him and asks him on a date  and of course jimin says yes he really likes yoongi but he was scared and embarassed to ask him out.  they go on a lot of rides and yoongi buys him cotton candy and wins him a plushie. at the end of the day yoongi walks jimin home and kisses him.

Oh, how I love lighting in this game <3

Just fyi, all of these are using the same concrete texture. I didn’t touch the colour. But I’ve been fiddling and managed to come up with this:

Not perfect, but pretty damn close. Now just to get the road to match *rolls eyes*