Venus Sign Vows
  • Aries:I vow to excite you, to make new memories every day
  • Taurus:I vow to treat you well, to bring you every earthly pleasure
  • Gemini:I vow to stimulate you, to tell you everything I know
  • Cancer:I vow to nurture you, to make a home with you
  • Leo:I vow to dazzle you, to sweep you off your feet
  • Virgo:I vow to help you, to achieve your goals along with mine
  • Libra:I vow to support you, to be everything you need me to be
  • Scorpio:I vow to devote myself to you, to never leave you
  • Sagittarius:I vow to learn with you, to explore the world with you
  • Capricorn:I vow to be there for you, to always have your back
  • Aquarius:I vow to accept you, to never want to change you
  • Pisces:I vow to love you, to give you my soul