the thing is, louis deserves the loyalty and kindness steve aoki showed him, he’s been treated rather unfairly, and taken advantaged of, by a lot of people in his life, and it’s so lovely to see someone who saw our boy for the shining star he is and not only helped him reach new independent heights, but was also a rock to him during a really awful time in his life. louis deserved and needed that, and i’m so thankful steve aoki could be that person for him


emeraude talking about how the writers room handles different sexualities (x)

no offense but louis is hugging a true, treasured, real friend there like it’s an extended amount of time, they do the little spin around rocking thing, he buries his nose into steve’s shoulder, his hands are pressing tightly like i’m so so so so so happy he has that 

That time in 2011 when they said it was just a friendship and they weren’t having sex and then said “series 4″ like THEY HAVE BEEN PLANNING THIS THE WHOLE TIME AND IM SO GRATEFUL TO BE HERE