Unfortunately we do not have enough of building up in the world today. Evil is reigning heavy. But I think that the more we involve ourselves with the circles that do build up; the more that circle will grow. And maybe, just maybe, we can push out the evil. #buildup #positivecircles #grow #mindyouractions #mindyourwords #mindyourheart #weareallinthistogether #repost from @kwamebinea

Today, remember that your #words have power. I was reminded of this when an author friend shared a story about how my posts uplifted a middle school girl two states away. You never know who sees or who listens to what you say and post. #mindyourwords #upliftothers #speakpositivity #youareworthyoflove #youmatter #youarebeautiful #loveyourself https://ebarnes23.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/words-they-have-power/

I would probably actually give a shit , if someone would do the same . to much to ask from people now a days. And they wonder why this generation is so suicidal . NO ONE GIVES A SHIT thats why ,So why should anyone else ? No one is willing to actually listen to someone or give a little sympathy to one another . everyone waits for the next funeral to say they actually cared . how much more teens do we have to put in the ground for people to open their damn eyes ? its not a tough task to be kind to one another . Mind your words and actions .