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She gets stuck on the button.

Maybe it’s not the button, but the way the button hasn’t been pushed all the way through the hole. She’s not immune to the bare chest, or the fine sheen of sweat on his skin. She’s not immune to the hair that she knows for a fact grows softer as it trails down his belly - but her eyes lock on a glint of brass that peeks out from blue denim like a half-finished thought and she forgets for a second why she’s standing in his doorway again.

“Put a shirt on, Danny!” Her hands fly out in front of her to shove him the way she has a thousand times before, but nanoseconds before her hands hit his chest she tries to pull them back, resulting in an awkward collision. As her fingertips brush against Danny’s bare stomach she can feel his abs tense in surprise. And god help her, she accidentally touches the button.  

“Whoa! What are you doin’?" 

Mindy curls her fingers away from the fly of his jeans and nervously smooths her skirt. "I’m not doing anything. Why are you dressed like that?”

He looks away and licks his lips the way he does when he’s nervous. Then she remembers the phone call, and why she’s here, and what he’d said, and what was kind of funny down on the sidewalk feels a little less funny now. He folds his arms. “What do you want, Min?”

And there it is. A single syllable dissolves whatever tension lingers in the wake of a little inappropriate touching. Min.

Why’d she do this? They’d almost nailed this friend thing, and she’s supposed to be somewhere to meet someone who never told her she was his best friend then broke her fucking heart anyway. Smart girls bet on themselves. 

“Fix my hair.”

Danny shakes his head and stalks over to the kitchen island; she follows and settles herself on a stool. His fingers land lightly on her shoulder as he clips the gum out of her hair. Mindy thinks as his hands draw away that she should have insisted he put on clothes before they tried this, but the candy in her hair kind of sucks the potential sexiness out of the moment anyway. That and his attitude. “Stop chewing gum, you’re not 10 years old. Or carry scissors around with you.”

She spins to reply, but Danny’s right there in her orbit. This time when they collide he’s the one with his hands in the wrong place and his left hand is almost cupping her right breast. She sucks in her breath. “What the hell?”

“Okay, that was obviously an accident.”

His breath smells minty, but this close she can also catch the lingering scent of tobacco. “I don’t think it was.”

“How do you figure that?” His voice is low and something in her own throat hurts now, like she needs to cry or maybe she needs to sigh, but it’s not something that she should be feeling.

Mindy leans in to his neck and lets her reply flow across his skin.. “Because you’re still holding my tit, dummy.”

Danny jumps back and wipes his hand on his jeans. “You’re one to talk. You put your hand on my dick the second you walked in the door. Is that your thing now. You just going straight for the junk now, cuttin’ out the chit-chat?”

She narrows her eyes. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

His eyes travel up her body slowly, like he’s seeing her for the first time tonight, and the hours she spent picking this outfit suddenly feel like a waste because he’s not seeing it. Somewhere in the back of her head her brain is shouting that she didn’t pick this outfit for him, that she has somewhere to be. But right here in the half-lit kitchen she can’t hear it over her pounding heart. She’s pretty sure all he’s seeing is the way she looked in the steam room, and the office, and maybe sometimes when they let things get a little heated a million years ago. Like he had any right to that memory now.

Mindy’s head clears a little. What would Nicki do? She’d slay men too weak to love her is what she’d do. Screw this. “Danny, I’ve got to go.”

He nods and backs away so she can stand and collect her things. She smooths her skirt again, self-consciously.  “Thank you.”

His Adam’s apple bobs like he wants to say something, and honestly she wants to say something too, but what else is there to say?  She didn’t make this mess. Mindy tucks her bag under her arm and reaches for her jacket when he’s there again, in her space, breathing her air.  “Choose me.”

Danny doesn’t touch her. She can feel him vibrating with the effort not repeat mistakes that had set them back too far. She gets to choose this time.

That thing they say about a bird in the hand is probably true and it’s hard to think about what might happen on top of the Empire State Building with a stranger when whatever is happening right here has dark eyes and a lot of muscle on display and a history that neither of them can ever really walk away from. “Why, Danny? A nice guy wants to get to know me, and he actually tells me things he thinks instead of waiting for me to figure it out, or springing it on me when he gets too scared. Why would I choose you over him? Why would I choose you over anyone?”

“Because you love me like I love you.”


“I mean it, Min. I messed up that night. And I’m probably messing up right now, but the only thing I think I can get right, the only thing I wanna get right is me and you. I love you. I wanna be with you.”

His eyes hold hers and it’s all she can do to breathe. They flick to her lips, and suddenly memories come back, of a night he let her go. He didn’t say it then, and she carried the weight of that with her in Haiti. It was exhausting. Is this just how they are? Do you gamble your life on years of almost and one declaration of love?

For the second time she lets herself get caught up in details. He’s not wearing shoes, but he is wearing dress socks. He’s perfectly cleanshaven and for some reason it just reminds her of how he looks in the morning before he shaves and the stubble is silver below his lip and he’s too rough to kiss. His soup bowl is unwashed in the sink (really, Danny? Soup for dinner?) like he was in a hurry. None of the pieces really add up, but do they have to add up?

She could have stopped anywhere to get a pair of scissors, or used the nail clippers in her bag, and she turned up here. He tried to send her away with what was obviously a lie, but she pushed her away into his apartment anyway.

And absolutely nothing about tonight had been platonic, or easy or honest. Except his words. He loves her. She knows it for truth, because it’s her truth too. She loves him. And smart girls bet on themselves.

This time Mindy’s hands move with purpose. They glide easily up Danny’s arms as he pulls her to him. They trace along his hairline as she holds his lips to hers. They skate down the planes of his back to rest at the waistband of his jeans. 

“I love you too,” she whispers, brass warm and smooth under her fingertips. 

So, I promised last week that when I reached my next Tumblr goal, I would be doing some promos for my favourite blogs out there. Better late than never, so I present to you, my personal favourite The Mindy Project Blogs

  • andthestarsthatshine
    Aside from her witty textposts about the Mindy Project (and lots of gushing over Chris Messina, which kind of is required when you’re in the TMP fandom), she also reblogs Game of Thrones, New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The newsroom. She also lets me pour my crazy feelings into her askbox without getting annoyed (that I know of lol), so that’s something I should be grateful for me thinks. 
  • Mindyanddannyfineanddandy
    This amazing person writes fanfiction. Which is something TMP can always use more of, so bless her for that. She’s one of the first Dandy blogs I started to follow, so I will always have a special place in my heart for her. All together: aaaaaaaaw. 
  • amindyproject
    A must follow for every TMP fan. I get a lot of my information and spoilers from this page. This is literally the very first TMP dedicated blog I started following, ever. I remember when some roomfriends started talking about forming a fandom for TMP and now look where we are. 
  • tvnut
    Started following for the glorious url. Seriously, guuurl, who did you have to kill to snatch that one? Not all blogs involved in the Mindy fandom are very active, but this one definitely is! 
  • overanalyzingtelevision
    The blog to be when it comes to finding out about the new slides and spoilers first. Plus this person really does her url justice, because she can analyze TMP and its spoilers better than anyone out there. Always a pleasure to read. 
The Secret World of CS: Where CS Stands For Coffee Shops - bluebrise - The Mindy Project [Archive of Our Own]

Summary: Post season one finale, it’s three months into Mindy’s Haiti trip when Danny sees her at a coffee shop. What happens next?

This was an idea by trustmeimadoctorwho that I decided to fill! Beta by mindyanddannyfineanddandy :D I thank you both for the fabulous ideas, advice, and direction. Also, I wouldn’t have been able to get into writing it without the amazing fanmix here, by heathicorn.

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mindyanddannyfineanddandy replied to your post:(I HAVENT READ ANY SPOILERS)

it is weird, considered how the show was promo’d in season one, with Mindy as lead and jeremy and danny as supporting. He’s been in so little lately, it’s odd. They’ve “revamped” the show, but I really hope it doesn’t mean choosing peter over jeremy.

it’s very weird and it vexes me since (A) i love his accent (B) i love his comedic abilities and ( C) i like to pretend that some jetsy stuff will happen in future seasons

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