Thoughts on Danny and Mindy

*Did you notice that both  Mindy and Danny refer to the fact they were “in love” when they first dated? Danny told Morgan, “I created this guy that she would like, so maybe she would fall in love with him and realize she was STILL in love with me.” Then in the bathroom, Mindy says, “Because you love me until you don’t.” Both knew that the other had loved them, but that they didn’t now. Much deeper than going slow, I’d say.

*Mindy realizes she can’t be friends with Danny after he tried to kiss her in Girl Next Door, yet she goes to his house between her date with Charlie and meeting Andy. She begs him to stay when she’s sick in bed. And she then spends weeks running all over the city with him. She says she should have stayed at his apartment with him, that it would have been more fun!

*Mindy never responded when it was pointed out to her several times that she was dating Charlie or that she already had a boyfriend.

*I LOVE the look Mindy gives Danny when Peter says he and Lauren have an open and honest relationship. Also, when she says she is going to dinner that night with Charlie, I think she WANTS Danny to know that.

*Danny is very forthcoming about dating Mindy now. He tells Morgan. He tells Tamara. He lets Jeremy, Betsy, and Beverly see by storming in the bathroom after Mindy.

*Mindy wanting to go upstairs to Danny’s, even when she knows he’s “being intimate with himself”.

*Mindy sitting outside the bathroom door when Danny’s doing his nighttime rituals? Very intimate.

*Danny brought Mindy a book when she was sick….The Guiness Book of World Records, like she brought him Bridget Jones’ Diary.

*Mindy didn’t even tease him about his dance recital inscription. She loves that he’s a good dancer.

*Danny’s reaction when Mindy says he made her break up with Charlie, is eerily similar to when Mindy was in the desert talking about getting back together with Josh. DISGUST!

*I love Mindy’s chin jutting out when Danny says he can prove it’s real. You know then she WANTS it to be real even though she can’t believe him. Ah, the heartbreak!

*And then Mindy looking at the clock when she’s supposed to meet Danny. She wants to go! But won’t give in to be stupid.

*Mindy mentions their first date. Danny jumps and says she’ll be the stay at home mom. TO HIS CHILDREN. WHICH MEANS SHE’S HIS WIFE. AND THEY’RE MARRIED. Right after talking about their first date!

*Things I wanted to see from the finale and that I got: Danny to say he regretted breaking up, Mindy to let Danny know it was hard for her when he did, and for Mindy to throw his line back at him about guys not breaking up with people they’re secretly in love with, Danny to tell her he loved her, Mindy to play hardball and not give in too quickly,