“I bought a girdle from Rago after seeing it reviewed on Fuller Figure Fuller Bust.

I must say I love it, it is so classic and just makes me feel so girly.

I did a photo shoot with it and I just wanted to share it with you! My modelling fb page is below, I have only really just started out but I am loving modelling. Thank you for making such beautiful products”

Mindy Reading - Plus Size Model

Tabitha Mann Photography
Hair and Makeup | Rebecca Lauren O'Hare

city-bright asked:

Hi Aja! I was re-watching AMPSF, and I heard the line "something in the way you love me won't let me be" from Borderline, and I was wondering if you could write a Dandy fic based on that. I know there are many ways to interpret and write it, but I'd love to hear your take on it, if you're willing (and in the right mind set) to write it :D I completely understand if you don't want to take this, it's kind of an odd prompt, but let me know! :D Thank you!

What the hell am I doing?

She watches him disappear through her window, her unexpected wedding guest. A groom awaits her on the other side of a door and she’s hanging on the curve of a smile that’s not really hers and a future that only ever appears in the distance on a night like tonight, distant and unsteady like a star.

She reminds herself as she climbs over the windowsill that every day she’s put between herself and that final night in the lounge has been hard won, and that letting herself return to whatever this had been is a luxury she can’t afford. She’d settled into a new life with the good pastor, and the need of the people had slowly drawn out the poisonous hope of fingertips brushing through her hair as lenses fell into place and her world drew into focus on eyes dark with intent never spoken.

It’s hard to linger on a moment that never really happened when right in front of you are the realities of preventable disease and overwhelming pressure to do much with little, and she’d been grateful for the time and distance that now seems to have dwindled into nothing in the space of only a moment or two stolen on a fire escape.

She’d almost forgotten him in the heat of an early Haitian spring, but then his letters had landed like snowflakes, instantly recognizable and fleeting in their comfort. It was hard also to know if the peace that settled on her when she read them was the note of home they carried, or if the chord struck was something harder to identify and harder still to forget.

The sheet held awkwardly to her chest trails down her leg and her footing shifts. The fabric slides across polished boards, pitching her into the closet, but big, warm hands catch her. They hold her steady as she pulls her other leg through the window. There will be a bruise on her knee, but that’s a worry for tomorrow. Right now the only thing that aches is her pride.

You try'na bust your face open? he asks. His grip on her arm is tight, and he holds her in place long after the threat of a fall has passed. She meets his eyes, because looking away is another kind of truth she doesn’t want to tell. At least this way he knows she heard him, and he knows that she doesn’t need him to catch her ever again. Another man waits for her only a few steps away, and when she goes to sleep tonight she’ll be free of this. And happy. Of course she’ll be happy.

He looks away first and he leaves her to change into her glad rags, change into the last thing she’ll ever don before she leaves this old life she’s been trying to shake off since she was old enough to believe in princes. The white dress is ruined, but she was never a white dress girl. Her mother would have insisted on red, she thinks, but she hadn’t waited for her mother’s wisdom. Her best friends would have closed ranks around her and built a new dress from the remains of the old like fairy godmothers, but she’d chosen to do this without their giggling, familiar warmth. 

She just has Danny Castellano, and the way he looked at her when she wore scrubs, once upon a time.

She knows as she slips them on that she’s making the wrong choice for the man who waits patiently at a makeshift alter with a paper banner and flowers picked up from newsstands. He’s looking for the girl who glitters and laughs easily. Which is who she is, sometimes. Maybe not tonight though, but they’ll muddle through.

The music starts and she turns the handle, her wedding march ill chosen she realizes too late. Why didn’t she pick a song about forever, or a song about happily ever after?

Something in the way you love me won’t let me be

Her heart pounds and she looks at her husband-to-be. If she looks straight ahead she can let this old life go, she knows it.

I don’t want to be your prisoner so baby won’t you set me free

But he’s looking at her again, the way he always does, his dark eyes burning through to a heart she can’t share with him now. A heart that he never even asked to have. She knows in this moment he’s finally giving her the only gift he has left. It makes the tiny concession she’s made on this day feel less like a betrayal and more like treaty. The way to end this in peace.

He’s never asked for glitter, or easy smiles.

He only ever asked her to wear blue on her wedding day.

- for city-bright

anonymous asked:

What about reading her diary, showing it to everyone, not telling her and getting away with it? He also sabotaged her Stanford plans for no reason thinking she was trying to trap him into marriage. He made up for it but still Mindy doesn't know the whole truth. Also I thought his policing of her diet in DCIMN was uncalled for and cruel. She was pregnant with his child and he was starving her. Not cool. Then there was the lying to his priest about who she really was. All pretty awful behavior.

Though his behaviors were wrongful,  they did not and were not meant to hurt her. That’s what I always keep in mind.

She didn’t know about the diary and the Stanford thing. And both acts were fairly innocent. (Okay maybe not the diary, but it didn’t affect her in any way so.) I think he thwarted her application because he thought she wasn’t serious with the assumption that she’s only thinking of applying to trap him into marriage. I don’t think it’s because of selfish reasons. And if it was for selfish reasons, he would have just let her cry and not tried to solve the problem he caused.   

In DCIMN, I think he was just too strict. I wouldn’t call policing her diet cruel. After all, it’s natural for him to be concerned. The problem is he’s just hot tempered, and well, Mindy’s stubborn. And no, he wasn’t starving her. Why would he? It’s just that Mindy, who is used to eating for two, may have felt like she was being starved. 

In COAC, again, his intention isn’t bad. I don’t think he lied because he was ashamed of her or anything. I think he just didn’t want the pregnancy to get out. If the priest thought of Mindy as a good Catholic who’s different from the rumored crazy girlfriend, he would be less suspicious.  He had good reason for being deceitful. He would be excommunicated, but good thing in the end, he was willing to be. 

So again, I don’t really count these as awful behaviors because they didn’t hurt her. 

June Summer Book Swap - Part 2

On June 10th I was extremely excited to join my first book swap and connect with a new blogger from A Splendid Messy Life! Jenn went above and beyond in her swap and I was brought to tears by her generosity. The effort she put into this package also made me feel inspired and appreciated as a blogger. I give a huge thank you to Living Lesh for organizing this June Summer Book Swap and introducing us to new bloggers.

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anonymous asked:

I thought the bad blood tweet could have just been Mindy liking the song or something since posted some pretty obvious subtweets since then. Seemingly about a dude. Yikes!

Me reading Mindy’s series of subtweets: 

Nothing But Feelings

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1D5U4ab

by allmylovesatonce

What if Mindy had been the one who was jealous on the double date with Jamie and Lucy?

Words: 2348, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1D5U4ab

mysudsyboyflyf asked:

What character are they casting in the sides/script portions you read? Does Mindy have a different doctor, other than Laura Dern's character?

sorry i totally missed this ask!

the guy is like.. showing them the birthing suite so he’s probably like in some sort of admin job or something. nothing about her doctor’s mentioned!

21 Important Things We've Learned About Food from Mindy Kaling's Instagram — Celebs on Instagram

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If you follow Mindy Kaling on Instagram, you know she posts plenty of photos about fashion and beauty. There are a lot of beautiful dresses for award shows, and on-point makeup looks for her TV show, The Mindy Project. She’s fabulous and funny – a woman after my own heart. What you might miss, however, is that this actress, comedian, and writer has a lot to share about food as well.

From the never-ending glory that is having your first bite of avocado toast, to the three food groups (sour gummies, Twizzlers, and Sriracha), here are the 21 things you can learn about food by following Mindy Kaling on Instagram.


from The Kitchn | Inspiring cooks, nourishing homes http://ift.tt/1GjCdfW

anonymous asked:

Are you retweeting Sliding Doors gifs cuz you saw it recently or in anticipation for Mindy? If the former, what did you think? I've never seen it before and now I want to watch!

Both actually. She mentioned it. I watched it. And then I added it to my Romance In Film Queue. It’s kind of weird that I’d never heard of Sliding Doors before… ever. I mean, nineties rom/coms are probably one of my favorite things EVER. (While You Were Sleeping, The Truth About Cats and Dogs, Four Weddings and a Funeral, When Harry Met Sally, Love Potion No. Nine, You’ve Got Mail.. I could go on forever honestly.) 

So, whenever I saw that TMP was doing a SD inspired episode when one of my favorite people in show business (gotta love JGL, no arugments), I was intrigued. I view Mindy Kaling as my romantic comedy godmother, and if she likes it enough to pay homage then I had to give it a shot. She respects the genre like very few do these days (and subverts tropes like a champ, which is always interesting). Of course, I had to go and watch SD (it’s on Netflix, so booyah). 

As for what I thought, I don’t want to give anything away, but I will tell you that I liked it, I didn’t love it. (Gwenyth Paltrow putting on a fake accent always annoys me, and I don’t know why, because it’s definitely not the worst fake accent I’ve ever heard, although I did snicker every time she said ‘wankah,’ and you could probably get smashed if you took a shot every time she said it) The ending does something kind of unexpected and I know, theoretically that should make me happy, because avoiding cliches is usually a good thing, but it just strikes an odd chord in me. You should watch it and let me know what you think. Here’s a quick premise for you:

The movie immediately establishes that Helen is a nice girl at a turning point in her life. She’s on the cusp of things, and certain decisions can make her life play out very differently. Dashing home after losing her job, she just can’t quite catch the train doors as they slide shut…. but immediately we’re presented with another scenario in which she DOES catch the train, and from then on you get to see how her life plays out in these two alternate timelines.(Don’t worry, one of the Helens cuts and dyes her hair for easy timeline identification… I can’t tell you how much this made me roll my eyes, but things like that always kind of irk me and it really has no bearing on the quality of the movie).

One of my favorite things though, is John Hannah playing James (I have a weakness for that particular scottish accent)… I really need to go out and watch him in more things. I loved the smaller part he played in Four Weddings and a Funeral so much. Anywho, please go watch it and let me know what you think. I definitely have some theories about how Mindy Kaling will write this particular rom/com homage and I’d love to hear what you think.