For three seasons, this is like a front-row ticket to some really incredible comedic actors. because of that, I’ve learned from them and because of that, you become like a little theatre troop. I know Mindy’s rhythm, she knows my rhythms, I know Ike’s rhythms, Xosha’s, Ed’s…I know when they’re about to improvise, and they know if I stop and repeat something because we’ve been doing it for three seasons. For me as an actor, that’s the number one greatest thing about being on television because I came from the theater, and you’d get to that place with the play, and then the play would close. But we’ve been doing this play for three seasons, so when this is over, I’ll miss that and long for that again: a group of people that you can become a troop with. That’s special.
—  Chris Messina, on TMP cast [x]

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