mindy's her name

I thought I’d show you my dog too! Her names Mindy she’s a rescue dog who hates and bites just about everyone but me and is super protective of me dispite being super tiny you gotta earn her trust but once you do she’s a cuddle bug and will refuse to leave till she gets all the loving she wants she’s also scared of the dark(namely cuz I am too so she’s not used to the dark anymore)

what a cute, round dog. i would very gladly give all the love she wants and more. thank you for blessing my life with this picture

Mindy’s real name is Vera Chokalingam, but she has gone by “Mindy,” her middle name, since childhood. The reason why has to do with a popular sitcom. While pregnant, her mother enjoyed the show “Mork and Mindy” and decided it sounded like a “cute American” name for her daughter. Mindy says she once told the story to the show’s star, Robin Williams, but he did not believe her.

Campbell's farm.

Does anyone remember in 5x12 when Paige showed up at Emily’s house and saw Ali leaving with the twins (Mindy and ? Forgot her name)? Paige got in her car and followed them. She later told Em about how she followed them to “some farm” in the middle of nowhere…she also said there were a whole bunch of cars there too. Does Ali know more than she says? Why so many cars at night? Perhaps making the Construction people working on building the inside of the dollhouse more inconspicuous? Thoughts on this? xxx